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Ushuaia - 'El Fin del Mundo' in
Tierra del Fuego

Ushuaia - Part Dos

Not So Chile-Bound

Perito Moreno Es Muy Awesomo

It's Time for Malbec in Mendoza

Tranquilo Times at Thermas

The Vines of Mendoza

T-Minus Sixteen Hours on the
Bus to Salta

Salta La Linda

Iguazu Falls - Argentina

'All About Clarke Day' in Buenos

Buenos Aires

Back in Wonderful Buenos Aires

En Buenos Aires Con Mis Amigas

Viva Buenos Aires

More Good Times in BsAs

Viva La Boca Juniors

The Last Supper in BsAs

Operation: New Wardrobe - An
ongoing journal of my new
Photo Albums

Perito Moreno Glacier



Iguazu Falls

Buenos Aires
Links relating to
my trip

Mine Boutique Hotel - Wonderful
hotel in Palermo SoHo!

1551 Palermo - Just a bit outside of
Palermo SoHo, this place was
loft-like with excellent service.

Hotel Canal Beagle - Our hotel in
Ushuaia across from the port.

Hotel Cesar -  Where I stayed for my
final days in Ushuaia.

Argentino Hotel - Wonderful hotel,
great price and great location in

Penthouse 1004 - Great hostel with
private rooms with amazing views
in Bariloche.

Las Rejas Hostel - Perfect location in
Salta, great price ($13 for my own
room and bathroom) and great

Damajuana Hostel - I didn't stay
here in Mendoza but it was a
beautiful hostel in a good location.

Sheraton - Iguazu Falls - 'What a
view!!!' is all I can say...

BoBo - Buenos Aires - This was
Clarke's (much appreciated) gift to
me. How can a person not love this

La Otra Orilla - A cute B&B just
outside of Palermo SoHo in Buenos

Other Sites:

Aqua Vita Medical Spa - Can't beat
the treatments and atmosphere in
BsAs...and for an excellent price!

Bodegas Baudron - One of the
wineries where I took a tour.

Finca Vina Maria - A great little
place I found while walking around.
I bought some Malbec balsamic
vinegar here.

Thermas Cacheuta - For an
oh-so-relaxing time at thermal
baths smack-dab in the Andes.

Capricho - A wonderful bakery/cafe
in Salta. Beautiful atmosphere with

Allure - A great restaurant I went
to in Mendoza.

Vines of Mendoza - One of the
greatest 'tasting rooms' I have been

Don Molina - excellent parilla in

Restaurants (and a few other
things) in Buenos Aires that I
more than enjoyed:

Ummo - in Palermo Viejo

Olsen - in Palermo Hollywood

Bar 6 - in Palermo Viejo

Ravello - in Palermo Hollywood

La Cupertina -  in Palermo Viejo

Social Paraiso - in Palermo Viejo

Bar Uriarte - in Palermo Viejo

Sucre - in a neighborhood I forget

Tikal Chocolates - in Palermo Viejo

Freddo, Persicco, Volta, Froilan -
artisan ice cream places in Palermo
and Recoleta.

La Esquina de las Flores - great
place in Palermo SoHo for
vegetarian empanadas.

Juana M - restaurant in Recoleta

Mott - in Palermo Viejo

La Cabrera - in Palermo Viejo

Divina Patagonia - in Palermo

Cluny - in Palermo Viejo

Omm - in Palermo Hollywood

Acabar - in Palermo Hollywood

Pampa Picante - in Palermo Viejo

Park Hyatt - We had afternoon tea
there. In a palace  in Recoleta yet
very modern.

High tea at the Alvear Palace Hotel.

Havanna - One of the main places
in Argentina to stock up on
alfajores (this is like the Starbuck's
of alfajores shops).

Vasalissa - An absolutely beautiful
chocolate shop in the Recoleta area
of Buenos Aires.

Bettina Rizzi - Place for
custom-made leather jackets in
Buenos Aires.

Other shops:  Ciara, Tienda Tres,
Tribu Urbana, Lares, Doma, Qara,
Nik Nok, etc.

Chocolate shops in Bariloche:
Mamuschka, Rapa Nui, Fenoglio
and a few small ones in Villa La

La Finca - A boutique wine shop
with tasting.

Malba Museum

Andesmar - Excellent buses and
service within Argentina!

Via Bariloche - Excellent 'executive
cama' bus  service to/from
Bariloche and Buenos Aires.

BuqueBus - Ferry company to

Argentina Facts
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My Argentinean Experience...

Highs: Perito Moreno Glacier; abundance of chocolate in the Patagonia region; Malbec wines; how
inexpensive the country is; Thermas Cacheuta; drinking wine at the Vines of Mendoza; Salta; eating,
drinking and shopping in Buenos Aires.

Lows: Stray dogs.

Best Moment:  Really hard to say. Iguazu Falls was incredible. So was the Perito Moreno glacier.
But does it really get better than shopping your you-know-what off for the first time in over a year???

Craziest Moment: Playing 'Bus Bingo' on my way to Salta. Not only that...being the winner of Bus
Bingo! I came away with a bottle of
vino tinto.

Smells: Whiffs of chocolate upon entering shops and cafes in Patagonia; wines in Mendoza.

Sounds: The sounds of thunder and gunshots as you watch the Perito Moreno Glacier break apart;
dogs yapping away in the parks and on the sides of streets.

Sights: The town of Ushuaia; El Calafate; Perito Moreno Glacier (160 Argentinian Pesos for full day
trip inc. park entrance); Mendoza; Maipu (and some wineries); Iguazu Falls ($10 US); Eva Peron's
grave site in Recoleta in Buenos Aires; David LaChapelle exhibit at the Malba museum (entrance is a
donation); dog-walkers with about 15 different dogs in tow; the Evita Museum (10 pesos); a Boca
Juniors 'football' game (200 pesos); horses races at the Hippodrome; Casa Rosada and Plaza de Mayo.

Tastes: Dulce de leche; alfajores; queso crema (spreadable - kind of gooey- cheese that is much tastier
than it looks); 'bife de lomo' cooked 'medio crudo'; empanadas (even a pumpkin and cheese option!); ice
cream (in Buenos Aires at places like Freddo and Volta); provoleta (an amazing baked cheese
appetizer); goat cheese ravioli with fig sauce; dulce de leche creme brulee; pumpkin and chicken ravioli;
the best smoked salmon sandwich of my life.

Purchases: A penguin made out of local stones; chocolate; wine; thermal underwear; a blazer; small
purse; pair of shoes; balsamic vinegar.
In Buenos Aires: seven shirts, five purses, two jackets, a
leather jacket; five dresses; a shawl; some earrings, necklace and a ring; strappy shoes; a visor.

Street Food: Empanadas; sweets like alfajores, 'mate'.

Fun Food Finds: Paso del los Toros Light soda (pomelo flavoured - sooo good!); oreos with dulce de
leche filling; calafate flavoring; McDonald's having empanadas and wine on their menu (and dulce de
leche soft-serve!).

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's; Burger King; Curves; Tiffany; Blockbuster.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Not for Americans.

Type of currency? Argentinian Peso. $1 US is equivalent to about 3 pesos.

Things Argentina Is Known For: Tango; dulce de leche; wines (especially Malbec); Andes;

Religion: Catholic.

Costs: $530 + However much Buenos Aires is going to cost me
February 1-3, 14-16, March 9-15 and April 27 -
May 15, 2007
The amazing Perito Moreno glacier.
In Caminito in Buenos Aires.
Vineyards outside of Mendoza.