Viva La Boca
May 13, 2007

Okay. So they didn’t win tonight. But they didn’t lose either. It was a tied game against the Arsenals: 1-1. I think the best way to
look at it is that everybody was a winner. But I doubt the Boca Junior faithfuls see it that way. I am merely a new fan (and I have
my Boca Juniors visor to prove it). But let’s face it – if we were at a home game for the Arsenals, an Arsenals fan I would be. Just
another fair-weather tourist.

At first the game did nothing to impress us. In fact, we were a bit irritated because we got there after the game had already started.
What??? Nobody was even getting into the game. I had to ask Natalie if it was practice but she assured me that it was actually a
game. We didn’t want to be downers but this was
not living up to the hype. It seemed like just minutes after we got there, the half-
time show was already beginning.

And then more people were coming into the stadium.

And then we all rose for the national anthem. I thought it was bizarre that they did the national anthem in the middle of a game. I
just saw it as a difference of how things are done down here compared to at home.

Then the crowd started coming to life and the game was on its way. I was figuring that people just get much more into these things
in the second-half.

It wasn’t until a few minutes into it that Natalie made a comment implying that we were
now watching the real game. I just
thought ‘Okay. That makes a bit more sense…’

For the entire game, the fans (especially the ones on the ends) were jumping and singing. I even began to sing along and do the
hand flick that the Boca Juniors fans have down so well. After all, I
was now an official fan. I had the visor to prove it and all.

I actually started getting nostalgic while reflecting on my amateur soccer career that lasted from roughly March 2003 to June
2003. It was tempting to shed a few tears in memories of when I would chase the person with the ball (that was my role on the
team – chasing people who had the ball. Not kicking the ball. Not putting the ball into a goal. Just chasing people with the ball.
Perfect position for a person who lacked all soccer skills).

Let me take a moment to talk about Guy #6 on the Arsenals. A complete baby. That boy needs to toughen up. Be a man. Don’t lay
there crying on the field (like he did three times). I know there is strategy behind it (as
every time a person was ‘injured’ the golf
cart would come out, the guy would not be able to move but would finally make his way onto the cart, the cart would come off the
field and, voila, the guy was up and waiting to be called back in and then ran onto the field in perfect form). But isn’t there some sort
of pride??? I would stand up to my team members at least. I would tell them that somebody else could play the role of a crying,
whimpy baby for the night. No siree would it be me. So anyway, Arsenal #6 won the Big Baby award from me and Natalie.

Oh! We later found out that the first ‘game’ we were watching were the second-string members of the team. Now that makes a bit
more sense.  
Back to Argentina.
Time for the Argentine national anthem.
A Boca Juniors fan.
Outside of the stadium.