The Beginning
of My Time in
Buenos Aires...
April 30, 2007

Buenos Aires. These two words already conjured up wonderful images in my mind before arriving. And now that I have arrived, the
reality of it is even better…

The last couple days were spent in Palermo SoHo and downtown. Today we had a new area for me to explore: Recoleta.

The main reason for starting our day here was to pick up our ferry tickets for tomorrow to Uruguay. But this doesn’t sound very
fun. So let’s leave that part out and say it was to discover an amazing chocolate shop, buy a new purse (after all, my purse, leather
jacket and six shirts I bought yesterday weren’t quite enough), eat some amazing ice cream and buy yet another jacket (was it my
fault that the price was too good not to pass up?). In between all of these things, we walked up and down major and minor streets
admiring the architecture and parks (and, well, other shops). My sister pointed out that we were just across from the famous
cemetery where Evita is buried. Even though she had already been to the cemetery on her last trip, she had no problem coming
along with me.

This cemetery was quite amazing. I only hope to have a nice
tombstone when my time comes. What these people have might very
well be larger than some people’s
homes. Walking around the cemetery felt like being in a miniature-scale town with aisles almost
seeming to be ‘streets’. Just like everybody else who visits this place, our path first led us to Eva Perón’s (aka Evita) grave site.
Michelle pointed out to me how lucky we were that absolutely nobody else was around – she said that last time she was here she
was barely able to even see it with all of the people swarming the area.

It is time for me to make a confession though: I need to learn something about Evita. I really don’t know anything about her. This
will be my priority while I am in Buenos Aires...

We didn’t stay too much longer since I will be back when Lauren and Natalie come into town. We strolled around the little market
that was right outside (where I bought some earrings) and then headed to our indulgence of the day: afternoon tea (i.e. lots of fun
little pastries) at the Park Hyatt. The Park Hyatt here is in a former palace so it goes without saying that it was a great place to sip
tea for a couple hours. This was definitely worth forgoing lunch for (since having an empanada and an ice cream count as ‘snacks’,
right? Surely it couldn’t constitute an actual lunch. Justifications like these are why I am gaining weight by the minute out here. But
it’s worth it. There’s always a gym when I get home…).

The rest of the day consisted of more walking, more browsing and more eating (this time we decided on tapas for a light dinner).
Calling it a night early since we have to be up early tomorrow morning – a cab is picking us up at 7am to take us to the ferry to
Back to Argetina.
At Eva Peron's grave site.
At a fancy chocolate shop.
In Recoleta.