And More Good
Times in BsAs...
May 12, 2007


‘All About Lauren Day’ has officially begun (technically it began last night…but that is just a minor detail). It is time to get ready for
our ice cream at Volta and our horsey outing at the Hippodrome – things Lauren has expressed interest in. I already love ‘All About
Lauren Day’. Only one thing would make it better. If Lauren didn’t have to
leave on ‘All About Lauren Day’. Wait. But then it
wouldn’t be ‘All About Lauren Day’. I guess it can’t be a win-win situation no matter how I look at it…


Mmmm. Volta. Good stuff! Need to go back there before I leave this city…

David, our Canadian friend from last night, met us there and we headed off to the horse races from there.

The buildings out there were incredible. For a girl who has only seen Bay Meadows back at home, I really never knew that a place
for horse races could be so beautiful. Lauren is ready to have her wedding reception there. I don’t know the reason but they do not
want people taking pictures of this place. I found this out from security approaching me. Apparently it is only acceptable to take
pictures of the actual horse track.

I wanted to be part of the excitement (well, truth be told, there wasn’t a
huge amount of excitement in the air) so I put money on a
horse named Comicha Chica. But she lost. David’s pick (the Canadian horse) ended up winning. We put money down again on the
next race. This time the pick was Silver Caramel. Another losing pick. Oh well. It was worth it to put my money on a horse with that

We just had our last meal with Lauren. Her final hoorah before she heads off to the airport…


The taxi has now taken Lauren off to the airport. I know I am going to see her when I get back to San Francisco….but why the hell
is it always so sad watching people leave for an airport? I did the same thing with my sister last week. I just stand there and watch
the taxi makes its way off into the distance.

I already miss the girl.  


I can’t believe we just got home from dinner.

We met up with a couple of Natalie’s friends, Dave and Emily, who are in town tonight. We made resies for 9:00pm, which is very
early by Buenos Aires standards. I really don’t even know where the night went. There are times where you are drinking so much
the night gets away from you. But this was not the case as we only had one bottle of wine.

We watched the
porteños (Buenos Aires natives) roll into eat dinner at 12:45am…and even they left before we did. Apparently we
all had a lot to talk about. At 2:30am we decided to call it a night. We are going to see them again on Monday.

Oh. Don’t ask me how this came up but it turns out that they also knew a good amount about Evita. I came to learn she was a
fascist. That wasn’t mentioned at the Evita museum. I am thinking I am going to buy a book when I get home because I am almost
back to where I began by feeling like I really don’t know anything about her.

May 13, 2007


Talk about a day of productivity!

The only intentions of the day were to pick up my jacket from getting alterations and then going to the Plaza de Mayo and the Casa
Rosada. We really didn’t think that shopping was going to be on the agenda. Oh, but it was…

There is something to be said about non-pressure shopping – when you aren’t deliberately searching for an item-of-want. Natalie
and I walked into yet
another Prüne store – one that we had already been in – and she ended up finding 2 purses and a pair of
shoes to buy while I found a black purse that was still remaining on my list of ‘Things I don’t really need but kind of need so I
should buy in Argentina’.

I finally was able to do what I came into the center of BsAs for – picking up my jacket. After that, we went to Plaza de Mayo and the
‘Casa Rosada’ (which is most commonly known as being the place from which Evita would deliver her ‘speeches’).

We went back to Palermo Viejo and ended up at a restaurant where I would have the best smoked salmon sandwich of my life. Yes.
Of my life. It was
that good. I have already told myself that I am picking up one of those babies before I leave for the airport.

It is now time to get ready for our Boca Juniors game. We get picked up in a little bit…


Back from the game and back from dinner. Not a bad second-to-last-night-in-Buenos-Aires, huh?

Ohmygosh. Ohmygosh. Ohmygosh. Tomorrow is my
last night of my entire trip. Can’t think about it. Can’t think about it. Can’t
think about it…

May 14, 2007


Two things on my list for today: get laundry done and buy a new suitcase. Oh. And a pair of black boots would be nice…


Wow. What a productive day.

First I gave my laundry to the girl at my B&B. It should be done by the time I get home tonight. Ahhh… I love the feeling of a
suitcase full of clean clothes.

Secondly, it took me no time at all to find a big suitcase. I have to admit – I don’t know if it is big
enough though. I put all of my
purchases on my bed today and let’s just say that my credit card has been through quite a bit of activity while in Buenos Aires.

Natalie and I headed out to meet up with Emily for lunch in Palermo SoHo. After a great lunch (at a restaurant called Cluny) it was
time to get down to business at the shops in the area. I found a great jacket-like thing that I decided I must have. Afterwards came
my highly sought after boots. I finally found them – and they are exactly what I was looking for. Hooray for me! Hooray for me!

I am hanging out at a café right now. In an hour or so we are heading out to dinner with Dave and Emily in Palermo Hollywood.
Afterwards I will need to attempt to start packing as this is not only my last night in Buenos Aires…but it is also my last night on my
entire trip. I have to be honest. This almost feels like it was a one-month vacation. I can’t believe that over a year has passed. It
just can’t be…

May 15, 2007

You have to laugh when you are in a country where they ask “Do you have any liquids, creams or dulce de leche?” when you are
checking in at the airport.

I guess it’s a bit obvious that I am at the airport right now. It was hard leaving Buenos Aires and my beloved Palermo Viejo
neighborhood. Just as difficult was saying good-bye to the people at La Otra Orilla. What a wonderful way to experience how
amazing ‘porteños’ are. Hugs and kisses were given to all. Even little Cathy - the cat.

Today would be the first day of rain that I have seen in over a week. But that was okay. It gave me time to be indoors getting my
manicure and pedicure and also getting my eyebrows waxed. And of course it also gave me the opportunity to do a bit more

And on a culinary level, I would have the opportunity to have a couple of empanadas from my favorite empanada place and some
artisan ice cream. My ‘favorite smoked salmon sandwich in the world’ would live on a bit longer as I picked one up to bring with me
on the airplane (as I type, it is still looking pretty in its little bag).
Back to Argentina.
My losing horse - Silver Caramel.
Lauren in front of her favorite store.
One of the buildings at the horse races.