Operation: New
April 30, 2007

‘Operation: New Wardrobe’ (ONW) is proving to be an amazing success. An overwhelming success. Possibly too much of a

Today was my second day here in Buenos Aires. But that’s not so important. It’s the fact that it was my second day
of open stores
in Buenos Aires.

I had heard about the shopping in this city before coming here. In fact, I had heard about it well before this trip. But I wasn’t
expecting anything close to what I have been experiencing!

Yesterday started with a trip to a shopping center with a popular store for leather purses: Prüne. Right off the bat, I saw one that
caught my eye in the window. The rest was history. I was now 1 for 1…

Next stop: a leather shop my sister found that was recommended on a website. This one was more known custom-making for
leather jackets. I saw a color that was unique from anything else I have ever owned – I can’t even try to explain the color. A lot of
that is actually because I forget what the actual color looked like. Then I found a style that clicked with me when I tried it on. I
knew I found a winner. Clarke was a bit concerned at this point as the jacket I was wearing was a cherry red a lá Michael Jackson. I
had to explain to him that it was just the
style I was getting and not the actual jacket. It was no problem for them to make it for me
in the-color-that-I-can’t-quite-describe-right-now. I pick it up on Friday. I can’t wait. I was now 2 for 2 – a perfect day in regards
to my shopping stats.

Clarke had left only minutes before I hit more shops in Palermo SoHo. At the first shop, I tried on four shirts. I ended up leaving
with four shirts.

Then I stopped off at another place. Looked at three shirts – bought two of them.

‘Dangerous’ is the only word I can currently use to describe this city in terms of credit card damage.

Today didn’t prove to be less dangerous. We were innocently walking down the street en route to purchase our ferry tickets in
Recoleta. But then, as the story goes, I came across a storefront with a purse that caught my eye. I entered the store. I came out
with the purse. What is this city doing to me???

I guess it’s a good thing that I am off to Uruguay for the next few days. That will give me a brief break. But once I get back, there is
still about 12 more days of possible damage to be done…

May 3, 2007


Okay. Somebody needs to take away my credit cards. Soon. I have been back in this city for three hours…just three hours…and I
managed to buy three dresses. I justified a use for each of them. I am becoming a binge shopper. I haven’t done serious shopping in
so long that I just can’t handle it. Or maybe the problem is that I
can handle it – just too well.


My sister is being unsupportive. I need to pick out jewelry (to go with my new dresses). I found a great store and with some great
options. All I wanted was someone to say “Oh my gosh! That will look awesome!” Instead? All I got was “Well, maybe you should
wait.” I will be back there with Lauren and Natalie when they get into town so that they can tell me how amazing these things will
look with my dresses….

May 4, 2007

I am proud to report that not too much damage was done today!

I picked up my oh-so-beautiful custom-made leather jacket. What a beauty she is!

Aside from that, I managed to also find a beautiful scarf in a material that is really soft (though I’m not sure exactly what it is) and a
shirt. And that was it!

Impressive, huh???

May 5, 2007

Today marked the day that I did some selfless shopping. My priority was little Cade – one of my best friends’ new baby. I have
actually been searching this city for an outfit for the little guy – but (this is going to sound really bizarre) I don’t know what his style
is. I just don’t see my friends putting him in something with a pale blue sheep on the front of it. And I didn’t want to get him
something that clashes with the rest of his threads. Imagine the teasing that could take place at a ‘Mommy and Me’ outing…

So I found this beyond-adorable squishy green frog. And so that Auntie Jen could encourage the little guy to eventually be bilingual,
I found a book called ‘El Libro Verde’ (The Green Book). It talks about frogs, turtles and other green things in both languages. I can
already see it 20 years from now: ‘Cade Gilbert – Linguistics Genius. And he owes it all to a book that he received when he was 3-
months old.’

All this selflessness was wonderful and all. But I still felt the need to do a little shopping for myself. I found a dress that could be
good to wear on a date-that-I-don’t-yet-have. I also found some earrings to wear with the dresses I bought the other day. And
then I went back to the store where I bought my dresses and had a nice little reunion with the girl that helped me (really sad when
you see someone through the window and they are smiling and waving at you) and bought the shawl that she had showed me a
couple days ago. My sister and I both agreed yesterday that it would be a very nice addition to 2 of my 3 dresses. So I had to get it.

Just when I thought the shopping was done, Lauren and I went into a store right before dinner and I found a fitted black jacket. I
couldn’t buy it because I (purposely) didn’t bring any credit cards. But Lauren – being the supportive shopping friend she is –
footed the bill until I pull money out of the ATM.

May 6, 2007

Maybe Natalie is good luck for my bank account. Is it a coincidence that she got into town today and I didn’t buy anything???

Oh wait. I
did buy something. A Boca Juniors visor for my Boca Juniors fútbol game next week. But that is so small – does it really

May 7, 2007

I’m thinking Natalie must be good luck for my bank account. Another day and no substantial purchases.

May 8, 2007

At first I was proud of myself but now I think there might be something wrong with me. I am back home without any shopping bags
(as a dinky little headband does not count as ‘shopping’). I must not be trying hard enough. I need to get back in the game…

May 9, 2007

Another purse purchase. This time a clutch. I actually saw it the other day and I have been thinking about it since then. So there
was really only one thing left to do: buy it!

I also went with Lauren to a mall near us where she saw some leather-and-silver rings the other day. She told me I should check
them out. Needless to say, I left with a ring.

May 10, 2007

I found them! I found my shoes! A pair of strappy shoes! They actually didn’t have the ones I wanted in my size…so I bought the
other pair they had that will do the trick. Beggars can’t be choosers, you know. I also added to my purchases with a great tank top
with a bejeweled bulldog on it. Can’t wait to break that baby in!

May 11, 2007

The first day where I did not think about myself when it came to hitting the stores.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I was out looking for myself but I ended up finding something perfect for my friend whose birthday is
conveniently right when I get home.

This doesn’t change the fact that I still need a black purse. Have to find one of those in the next few days…

May 12, 2007

Today was not a day dedicated to shopping. But I stumbled across a bottle of wine that we loved at dinner the other night. It was
one of the nice bottles that came with a security thingy on it. Yup, that’s what happens when you buy a $13 US bottle of wine out

May 13, 2007

Unexpected black leather purse purchase! Wasn’t even looking. It just threw itself in my face. I love moments like these…

May 14, 2007

I think I have done the last of the damage with regards to my trip budget. This morning I found the suitcase that I needed to buy to
bring home all of my new belongings. I am hoping it is big enough. Especially since I proceeded to buy a new pair of boots and a
great jackety-type of thing. These things spoke to me. They said “I want to be in your closet.” I had to respect their wishes.

The only thing left to do is to put these things in my suitcase and see how it goes. If all goes well…and there’s some room to spare…a
new pair of galoshes will be purchased tomorrow. After all, what San Francisco girl
doesn’t need galoshes???

May 15, 2007

One step forward, two steps back…

I tried on the galoshes with my jeans and I decided that I was too short to pull them off. I had to pass. This was borderline
heartbreaking for me. But I was going to cope.

And as the story in the Palermo section of BsAs would go, the coping consisted of stepping into a store that I had never been in over
the course of the past two weeks and finding a new pair of shoes and a necklace.

I think that was an appropriate way to leave Buenos Aires…
Back to Argentina.
Needing to condense my purchases
before packing.
What I ended up with...
What I started my trip with...