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My Egyptian Experience...

Highs: Diving in the Red Sea; Dahab; watching the sunrise on top of Mt. Sinai; the Pyramids in Giza;
Egyptian Museum; fresh mango juice; Zamalek area in Cairo; felucca experience; Luxor Temple at

Lows: Getting bug bites; getting ripped off with purchases I made; overnight trains.

Best Moment: So far it was spending time in Dahab (I was getting quite used to being a Dahabian).

Smells: Sea; our dinner being cooked on the felucca.

Sounds: Waves of the water; horns honking; Egyptian music; prayer calls.

Sights: Underneath the Red Sea; cats everywhere; males greeting each other with a hug and kiss
on both cheeks; barely any local females; camels on the beach; Egyptian Museum; Pyramids; belly
dancer; watching paper being made out of papyrus; Aswan Dam (about as fascinating as it sounds);
Abu Simbel; Karnak Temple; Luxor Temple (at night); Valley of the Kings; sailing on a felucca down
the Nile.

Tastes: Egyptian moussaka (very similar to ratatouille); grilled calamari; mango shakes; freshly
pressed mango juice;
fuul; pastries; Fayrouz (a malt beverage soda--without alcohol--that comes in
many different flavors and is quite tasty).

Purchases: Pure perfume oils in 'Lotus' and 'Arabian Nights' with small perfume bottles; two small
paintings done on papyrus; wooden boxes.

Street Food: Fuul; falafel; breads in different shapes; fruit juice.

Fun Food Finds: Pepsi Gold (though I won't try it because the gold color scares me); Twinkies
filled with chocolate cream.

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's; KFC; Hardee's; TGI Friday's; Fuddrucker's;
Gold's Gym.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Yes.  I got it at the border in Nuweiba for $15 US (they did not accept Jordanian

Type of currency? Egyptian Pound (EP). One U.S. dollar is  ~5.75 EP.

Transportation: From Dahab to Cairo: a minibus (7 hours) for 100 EP.

Things Egypt Is Known For: Constantly trying to rip people off; Pyramids; the Red Sea;
baksheesh (basically this is what they say when they are asking for a tip); temples such as Abu
Simbel and Karnak.

Religion: Muslim.

Costs: $890
Waiting for the sunrise at Mt. Sinai.
May 19 - June 1, 2006
Along the coast of Dahab.
The Sphinx and Great Pyramid at Giza.
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