India Journals

Delhi: Contrary to Popular Belief

Cooking Lesson in an Indian

Agra: The Home of the Taj

The Abandoned Fatehpuri Sikri

Jaipur: The Pink City

Bollywood, Baby

Pushkar: Sacred, Spiritual and

Jodhpur: 'The Blue City'  

The Serenity of Ranakpur

Udaipur: 'The Lake City'

The Spice Box


The Backwaters of Alleppey

The Tea Town of Munnar

Wrapping Up Kerala in Cochin

The South vs. The North
Agra and Uttar Pradesh
Southern India
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my trip
Tour Company Used in

Indian Travel Consultant -
Feroz was not only wonderful with
putting my trip together, he was so
hospitable by inviting me into his
home and even inviting me to a

Hotel Clarks Shiraz - Agra - A
typical tourist hotel.

Naila Bagh Palace - Jaipur - A
very traditional palace.

Master's Paradise - Pushkar -
Very clean and nice with a nice
garden courtyard.

Ajit Bhawan - Jodhpur - Another
great place to stay with a great pool.

Fateh Bagh - Ranakpur - A
beautiful palace set in the beautiful
natural scenery of the town.

Amet Haveli - Udaipur - This
place had
the most perfect view!

Strand Hotel - Mumbai -
Kind of
a dump...but it put a roof over my
head in the Colaba area.

JW Marriott - Mumbai - Far
from the center of Mumbai...but good
location to the airport. Unbelievable
spa, gym and restaurant options.

Malayalam Lake Resort -
Alleppey -
My patio was right at
the backwaters. For two nights
(including all of the delicious food)
cost only $35!

Kaippallil Resort & Homestay -
Munnar -
Great location as it is
near town yet up on a hill and has
great views.

Yuvarani Residency - A clean
and basic hotel in Cochin for only
$14/night. Great deal for the price.

Malabar House - A fabulous
boutique hotel in Fort Cochin.
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Other Links:

The Spice Box - My Udaipur
cooking class.

Ashtang Yoga Class - The place
where I did my yoga class.

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My Indian Experience...

Highs: The non-smelliness of Delhi; staying in an Indian home; seeing the Taj Mahal; Pushkar;
Meherangarh in Jodhpur; my time in Ranakpur; Udaipur (hotel, cooking class, art class, yoga classes,
etc.); easily being able to change my Russia plane ticket (and also obtaining my visa, for that matter!);
my time in Southern India.

Lows: Being in floods in Udaipur and having my train cancelled; taking an overnight sleeper bus.

Best Moment: It's hard to say a 'best moment'. I loved Kerala - both taking a small boat through
the backwaters and going up into the mountains and hiking through the tea plantations.

Smells: Street food aromas; incense; a bit of animal poop (but not nearly as bad as I was expecting).

Sounds: Horns honking; Hindi music; the soundtrack to Kabhi Alvida naa Kehna; bells being rung
at the temples; howling winds and rains of monsoons; thunder.

Sights: Lodi Garden; the U.S. and Russian embassies; the India Gate; Connaught Place, an Indian
home; markets galore; Taj Mahal (450 rupees); Agra Fort (250 rupees); Amber Fort (Jaipur - 75
rupees); City Palace in Jaipur (180 rupees); Jantar Mantar in Jaipur (50 rupees); Pushkar;
Meherangarh in Jodhpur (250 rupees); Jain Ranakpur temple (50 rupees); Lake Pichola (Udaipur);
ferry ride in Mumbai (55 rupees); backwaters; tea museum in Munnar (50 rupees).

Tastes: Noodles in a honey sauce; channa; chicken masala; chai; seafood soup; onion dosa; chatni;
sonf; paneer; chapati; chicken tikka; lassis; saffron tea; biryani; malai kofta; curry sauces (both yellow
and red); Keralan fish curry; idly; mango juice; crepe-like thing stuffed with coconut and brown sugar
and steamed in a banana leaf; tropical fruits; lime sodas; cashew stuffed dates.

Activities: Cooking class at The Spice Box in Udaipur (600 rupees); Ashtang yoga class in Udaipur
(by donation); Bollywood movie in Jaipur (60 rupees); art lesson in Udaipur (250 rupees); playing a
game called 'carrom' with locals while in Alleppey (kind of like playing tabletop pool with your fingers);
taking a boat ride through the backwaters of Kerala; hiking through tea plantations.

Purchases: An Indian outfit; a CD of the soundtrack to the movie that I saw; the books 'Holy Cow',
'Shantaram' and 'The World is Flat'.

Street Food: Curries; tandoori; fried puffs; ice cream; lassis.

Fun Food Finds: McDonald's offers chicken curry and paneer wraps. Baskin Robbins has a 'Mint
Chocolate' flavor with dark chocolate ice cream and green mini mint chips throughout; they also have
'Butterscotch Crunch' with butterscotch ice cream with a caramel swirl and toffee covered cashews;
their 'sugar cone' is a waffle cone - Makes me love Baskin Robbins even more!

Animals Seen Wandering the Streets: Cows; donkeys; pigs; camels; monkeys; elephants;
dogs; goats; sheep; water buffaloes (these were in the water just feet away from the street).

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's; Ruby Tuesday; Domino's; Pizza Hut; Baskin

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Yes. I got this in San Francisco. I opted for the 1-year visa though there are many

Type of currency? Indian rupee. $1 equals about 46 rupees.

Modes of Transportation: Rickshaw; auto-rickshaws; taxis; public bus; train; Kingfisher
Airlines; car with driver; overnight/sleeper bus (much worse than it sounds); ferries.

Things India Is Known For: Bollywood; being smelly; spices; Hinduism; yoga; Delhi Belly;
holy cows; Taj Mahal; monsoons.

Religion: Hindu is the major religion. The others include Islam, Christianity, Sikh, Buddhist,
Jainism and Parsi.

Language: There are at least 18 different languages in this country. The main one is Hindi. I also
experienced Malayalam when I was in Kerala.

Costs: $2,100
August 10 - September 13, 2006
A woman cleaning in Pushkar
At the Taj Mahal.
Holy cows in the streets.