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Feeling 'At Home' in Hong Kong
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Va Bene - An Italian
restaurant in LKF.
Delicious food and delicious

Isola - An Italian
restaurant at the IFC
building. Great views of
the skyline and wonderful

Life - A vegetarian
restaurant where we ate
lunch on the rooftop.

Mix - A great smoothie
chain that also had great

Hong Kong Facts
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My Hong Kong Experience...

Highs: The wonderful hospitality of Suzanne and Daniel (the home where I stayed); the gorgeous
skyline; the dining options; going to the Peak at night and seeing the skyline; getting a Diet A&W root
beer from the American Club; shopping; finding out the name of a fruit that I loved in Seychelles (a
custard apple); the excellent food/dining options; Central Hong Kong with the Central Escalator and
Ladder street; feeling truly 'at home'; Lan Kwai Fong at night.

Lows: Getting my visa turned away at the China border; the smog; I was far from impressed by

Best Moment: Feeling so warmly welcomed by Suzanne and Daniel and the incredible hospitality.
Also feeling so comfortable while staying at their place.

Saddest Moment: Being excited to go shopping in Shenzen only to get turned away at the
Chinese border because my visa had expired.

Smells: Actually, I don't recall any prominent smells.

Sounds: Ferry horns.

Sights: Hiking to the Peak; Central area of Hong Kong Island; drive around the New Territories and
Hong Kong Island.

Tastes: Bread (I can't stress how wonderful it was to eat some good bread); smoothies; penne with

Purchases: A new wardrobe. Well, maybe not a fully new wardrobe. But I did buy 3 shirts, 2 tank
tops, 2 pairs of cargo pants, a skirt, shoes and other random essentials.

Street Food: Great tropical fruits.

Fun Food Finds: McDonald's: Hot banana pie, soft-serve cones with a raspberry shell topping;
chicken sandwiches that use rice patties as a bun.

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's; Burger King; 7-Eleven; Starbuck's; Subway;
Krispy Kreme; Haagen Dazs; Popeyes.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Transportation: It's extremely easy to get to different parts of Hong Kong from the airport. Also,
if you are flying to anywhere other than America, you can check your bags in and get your boarding
pass at the Central train station.
Soooo convenient as you can do this early in the day and then going
to the airport is effortless.

Type of currency? Hong Kong dollar. About $1 US is equal to 7.5 Hong Kong dollars.

Things Hong Kong Is Known For: Recently being handed over from Britain to China (in
1997); shopping.

Religion: A bit of everything???

Costs: $330 (including airfare)
Hong Kong...
October 26-30, 2006
At dinner with Suzanne.
The wonderful fruit options.

The skyline seen from the Peak.