Arriving Into Hong Kong...
A view from Suzanne and Daniel's
Sabaka posing for me.
October 26, 2006

I got into Hong Kong pretty late tonight. I have to say how shocked I was when I came out of the customs gate and was greeted by
the orange and green sign of a 7-Eleven. Who would have thought?

Hong Kong was proving to be a breeze to figure out. I hopped on the Airport Express train into the city and was already witnessing
how different this place is compared to China. English was written everywhere and it was the first language spoken when there
were announcements on the train. As I said…things couldn’t be easier to figure out.

One thing I was largely looking forward to in Hong Kong was being lucky enough to stay in the home of my real estate agent’s
brother and sister-in-law. When I sent out an email before I left for my trip asking if people had contacts anywhere, he replied for
me to keep him posted on when I was arriving in Hong Kong as his brother lives here. He got me in touch with his brother, Daniel,
who then got me in touch with his wife, Suzanne.

At first I felt a bit weird about staying at the home of two people whom I had never met and the fact that I (a complete stranger to
them) was going to be putting them out for a few days. However, I exchanged emails with Suzanne for at least a week before
coming out and I automatically felt at ease. These thoughts were confirmed when I arrived and instantly was made to feel right at
home. My bags were literally whisked away once I entered through the door. She cracked open a bottle of wine, sliced some cheese
and we chatted for a while.

Too crazy that we had only just met about twenty minutes prior…
Back to Hong Kong.