Operation: 'Update
October 29, 2006

This is my last full day in Hong Kong <sniff sniff>. The only reason why I am not as upset as I could be is because I know I will be
coming back to this city at some point. I figure I can save a lot of the Hong Kong ‘sightseeing’ for then. Today, however, is dedicated to
‘Operation: Update Wardrobe’.

After a breakfast of Frosties (the Chinese equivalent to Frosted Flakes – how excited was I???), I descended from the Mid-Levels into
Central. I made a brief stop at the Botanical Gardens which actually turned out to be so much more. I was reunited with ringtail lemur
monkeys (though I didn’t get to feed them like I did in South Africa). And then I saw orangutans that were proving exactly where
‘monkey bars’ get their name. Too fun to watch.

After a bit of exploring, I made my way to the alleys. Shopping here can be a bit challenging as most places won’t allow you to try stuff
on. It’s a matter of looking at something and stretching it out and figuring out if it will be about the right size. This is a bit tricky as
many clothes tend to be a bit deceiving. But life is full of taking chances and this is one of those places where you have to do just that.
Let’s face it – the prices are so cheap that if something
doesn’t work out, it’s really no loss.

I also came across some designer labels (Betsey Johnson and Marc Jacobs are two examples). Of course I couldn’t even think of
buying clothes like this as I didn’t picture them as ideal for rolling and putting into a plastic shrink bag. I figure I can just get excited to
shop for fun clothes (in addition to purses and watches) the next time I come out.

I ended up buying three shirts, two tank tops, one skirt, two pairs of capri pants, a pair of shoes, a strapless bra, some pedi socks and a
headband for 317 Hong Kong dollars – or roughly $40 US. Not bad, huh? If only I had more space in my bag, I could have bought

I am the first to admit that my new clothes are nothing special. Though I do have a new outfit for the evening which was essential as I
will need it for Thailand and Australia. I also bought some capri pants in pink and blue. These will be good as I will be entering
summer in just one month and I was feeling in the mood to add some color to my wardrobe. The headband will be good for my newly-
straightened hair.

A lot of my clothes that I’m going to be getting rid of aren’t even in bad condition – I just can’t tolerate looking at them anymore. I
wish that in addition to the foreign currency donation boxes at the airport that they would also have a ‘clothes that are in good
condition but you can’t stand to see for one more day’ box…
Back to Hong Kong.