Feeling 'At Home'
in Hong Kong...
Me, Suzanne and Sabaka.
View from the terrace.
Daniel and Suzanne dropping me off.
October 30, 2006

For the first time in over six months, I felt truly ‘at home’.

I have stayed at other homes during my trip but the difference was that I was so in ‘traveling’ mode that I never really took the time to
relax. The exception would be when I was at Cindy’s in London. But then again, that barely counts because that was the very beginning of
my trip. I hadn’t even begun traveling at that point so there was no need to have a bit of a break.

My real estate agent at home, David, got me in touch with his brother, Daniel, when he found out I was going to be visiting Hong Kong.
Unfortunately, Daniel was going to be away on business most of the time I was in town. But he put me in touch with his wife who was as
welcoming as could be. And that is how this ‘home stay’ came about.

I really was not prepared for what I was walking into. The best way I could describe it was that I felt like Orphan Annie when she walked
into Daddy Warbucks’ home. A maid literally whisked my bags away and took them upstairs before I even realized what was going on. I
was told that I could put my laundry in a pile and it would get done. Suzanne welcomed me as if I was an old friend. Talk about feeling
comfortable right off the bat!  

In fact, I felt
so comfortable that I didn’t do many of the things that I was planning on after reading about them in my Lonely Planet book.
And that was entirely okay by me.

In lieu of seeing a big Buddha, exploring more of Kowloon and venturing out to beaches, I opted for taking naps, watching television in the
kitchen while I ate breakfast and literally just laying on the comfy bed. I also got to play with Sabaka – their adorable dog that came to
love me. I also found myself asleep one night on the sofa while watching television in their family room. Nothing says ‘feeling right at home’
like that!

It felt great doing ‘normal’ things – taking Sabaka with us for a hike up to the Peak. Going grocery shopping with Suzanne so that she could
get Halloween candy. Eating Frosted Flakes (or ‘Frosties’ as they call it here) for breakfast.

On the night before I was leaving, I would finally get to meet Daniel. Even though it was brief, it was a great time chit-chatting with him. I
told him how I knew his brother. Suzanne and Daniel really didn’t know the first thing about me yet they both still welcomed me with open
arms. Talk about kind people…

On my last day, instead of feeling the need to squeeze in some sights to see, I lounged around and took my time packing. Suzanne took me
to the American Club and we sat on the rooftop overlooking the skyline and harbor. What a great last experience to have!

Daniel took a few minutes out of his day to meet us at the Airport Train station. It was there that we said our good-byes and where I
attempted to thank them profusely for their hospitality. But sometimes ‘thanks’ are almost impossible to put into words…and this was one
of those times.

This four-day chunk definitely ranks way up their in my book of wonderful experiences I have had along the way…
Back to Hong Kong.