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Jadrolinija - The Croatian
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June 21-27, 2006

My Croatian Experience...

Highs: The coastal town of Rovinj; bus and ferry rides; Trogir; Brac (specifically Bol); food; entering
air-conditioned spaces (believe me that these moments were beyond appreciated).

Lows: Experiencing 'gelato envy' when my sister got a far better flavor that I did.

Best Moment: Arriving in Rovinj and seeing the colorful buildings and the Italian influence.

Smells: Grilled fish being served at the restaurants; lavender in the markets (that comes from the
island of Hvar).

Sounds: Waves crashing in the sea; Vespas weaving their way down the small streets; people
cheering while watching the World Cup.

Sights: Colorful buildings of Rovinj; amphitheatre in Pula; the Croatian coastline; vineyards;
Diocletian's Palace; island of Brac (specifically Supetar and Bol); island of Trogir; wonderful views of
Split both from the tower within the walls and from the park on the outskirts of the old part of the city.

Tastes: Gelato; grilled calamari; Teran wine (in Istria); excellent produce; Plavac and Posip wine (in
Dalamatia); cuttlefish-ink risotto; Suvarnik (almost like a spinach pizza); cookies and pastries;
strudel; brandy; a specialty cheese (I forget the name--it tastes like a Petit Basque); spaghetti with

Purchases: A pair of pants and three shirts. (I also tossed a pair of pants and two shirts. I gave my
sister a pair of pants to take home with her.)

Street Food: Paninis; gelato; pizza.

Fun Food Finds: Can't really think of any.

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? Croatian Kunas. Almost six kunas equal $1 U.S.

Transportation: We're using buses to get to different locations. Ferries are used to get from
island to island. Buses aren't very cheap - they're about the same price as ferries. Low-cost airlines
are available within the country as well as to other destinations. We're flying on Sky Europe from Split
to Budapest.

Things Croatia Is Known For: Large amount of islands in the Adriatic; figs; the civil war in
1992; wine; honey; olive oils; brandy.

Local Spelling of 'Croatia': Hrvatska

Religion: Catholic.

Costs: About $500
Watching Rovinj's sunset at dinner.
My sister and I atop of Rovinj.
Nighttime in Split.