Beautiful Brac...
The beautiful waters of Bol.
The coastline on the way to Bol.
Arriving in Supetar (on Brac).
June 25, 2006

This was one the first island we set out to see from Split. My sister did a good amount of research taken from three different sources
and concluded that this island would be one of the more beautiful ones to see. Plus it was only a one-hour ferry ride from Split. Too

The ferry let us off in Supetar. But it wasn’t Supetar that we wanted to see just yet. We were on our way to the city that boasts
having one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Croatia – the city of Bol. This would require a bus ride. It would be about one hour
before we could see if their claim-to-fame was, in fact, true. Of course we couldn’t really say if it was ‘true’ as we haven’t nearly seen
all of the beaches of Croatia. But we would surely be able to tell if it could be a candidate.

Before we would get to the beach, we would exit the bus in the center of town near the harbor. And a cute little harbor it was. These
little picturesque towns get a little bit difficult to distinguish after seeing so many of them…but they never get tiring.

A three kilometer tree-lined path led the way from the city center to the beach. The colors in the water we unlike anything we had
seen in the other parts of Croatia. There were at least four different shades of blue forming different patterns in the sea. As we
neared the beach, the water became more and more turquoise. It looked as though it could have been the Caribbean. But it wasn’t.
Just another all-too-impressive sight in Croatia.

Because it was so hot outside, the cold waters of the Adriatic felt very refreshing. Well, they at least felt really good on my legs as
they were a bit
too cold to fully immerse myself into. I know…that’s a poor excuse. But I have a low threshold for cold water and cold
weather. Anyhow, it was time to lay on the rocky beach. One thing to note about beaches in Croatia – they consist mostly of large,
smooth pebbles. Sand seems to be a bit of a rarity.

I did notice a couple things while I was laying out. First, I noticed my stunning flip-flop tan line on my feet. My feet have undergone
an amazingly beautiful change of pigment in the last two months. The second thing I noticed wasn’t so great. Because I didn’t bring
any shorts with me on this trip and I only really have capri pants, my legs and thighs are painfully pale. My legs do this gradual
progression of going from pasty white on my thighs to having a little bit of pigment on my mid-calves and then having a nice solid tan
on my ankles and feet. This is only obvious when I’m laying out. All I can say is that it looks really, really odd.

Since there is only so long a fair-skinned girl can lay out in sweltering heat, I took my cue at the first sensation of my skin burning and
moved into the shade. We soon decided that it was time for a gelato back in the center of town.

What looked to be a promising flavor for me turned out to be a major disappointment. I saw that one stand had peppermint. For
those who are not aware, this is my all-time favorite flavor of frozen yogurt. Every Friday in the month of December I make it a point
to try to go to Yumi Yogurt in San Mateo, CA because I know that is the day that they serve peppermint yogurt. It has been this way
for at least the past ten years. I’m truly not kidding about this and even have friends that can vouch for this (though it really is
something I should be more embarrassed about versus proud about). I just need to show people just how strong my love of the
peppermint ice cream/yogurt flavor is. Needless to say, I ordered the peppermint gelato and my sister ordered the Kinder (chocolate
and vanilla) gelato. Within a couple licks, I noticed something. This was
not peppermint. It was mint. While to the normal person this
might sound like the same flavor, to a peppermint-connoisseur there is a huge difference. Have you ever eaten a scoop of toothpaste?
That is what the mint flavor tastes like. Once you eat enough of it, you feel ill. I then tried a taste of my sister’s gelato. Of course it
was delicious. I couldn’t help but have gelato-envy. This was serving as our lunch for the day. My sister was happy and I was ill. I
have now learned my lesson to stick with flavors with a vanilla or chocolate base.

After finishing our gelatos, we boarded to bus to take us back to Supetar. We took a different route than when we first came into Bol.
All I can say was that it was one hour of breathtaking scenery. We were high into the hills and driving along the sea. We passed
coastal town after coastal town that we could see from afar. It was hard to believe that a non-air-conditioned bus ride could be so

Whether we liked it or not, we arrived in Supetar (personally, I could have driven along the coast for another hour or two). One of
Michelle’s books says that this town is a favorite of most travelers. This just shows how different everybody’s opinion is. Neither my
sister nor I felt that there was anything that made this town phenomenal. Don’t get me wrong – the harbor was wonderful to look at
but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. But a ‘favorite’? Hmm… I just didn’t see it. The fun thing with having so many places to
visit in one country is that everybody is going to have different ideas of what their preferences are. Michelle and I have seen the
exact same things yet we even have different preferences thus far.

All the more reason for people to get out here and form their own opinions about this country…
Back to Croatia.