R.I.P. - Ode to My Favorite Pants...
June 26, 2006

It is with deep regret and sorrow that I announce the near-end of the life span of my favorite pair of pants in the whole wide
world. I am not ready to admit defeat yet—though my sister is telling me I must. Nobody can say they haven’t had a good
run though. They came with me to Croatia a few years back. They proved to be of a miracle fabric when I had a minor
squatting mishap in the restroom at the Plitvice Lakes. What could have been hours of mortification actually ended up being
only minutes due to the extremely quick-drying nature of these pants. Too much information, I know. But I just need to
stress how invaluable these pants truly are. A year later they traveled overseas again—this time to Dubai. And then another
year later they would be off to see Africa. Then just seven months later they would start this trip with me. This is when they
started showing the struggle to survive. The material has become so thin that they are practically see-through when they are
held up to the light. If I bend the wrong way, it could make for an extremely embarrassing situation for the rest of the day.
They already have torn twice near the hip (just from me doing something as simple as pulling them on), once near the back
pocket and once near the butt. Oh yeah—there is also now a whole in one of the pockets that I discovered when money ended
up on the floor. Yet it is
still hard to admit that it’s time for the pants to go.

My sister is trying to put her foot down as I want her to bring them back home with her so I can try to repair them when I
get back home. If I could go back in time as I was paying at the counter at the TBD department of Nordstrom’s, I would have
bought all of the colors (especially the black) of these lightweight cargo capri pants. Instead I settled on just the brownish-
olive pair and the light pink pair (which are sadly in a huge mound of clutter called ‘my storage unit’ back at home). In case
anybody ever sees a brand of pants called ‘Surplus’,
please let me know!

In the meantime, I understand everything has a lifespan. I really do. I even bought a pair of replacement brownish capris in
Ljubljana. But they are a mere imitation of my favorite pants. Soon I will be able to accept what has happened and the
mourning process can then begin. I just hope it does not last nearly as long as my denial process has been…
Back to Croatia.
Wearing my favorite pants in Egypt.