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This is where we stayed for two
nights in Urgup (in the
Capadoccia region).

This is where we stayed in
Pamukkale. An extremely nice
family runs the place and we had
a delicious home-cooked dinner.
The rooms were great, in
addition to lazing around in the

Our hotel in Istanbul that had a
great view of the Blue Mosque
from the terrace. While the view
was nice, we experienced many
setbacks here.

Absolutely charming and clean
pension I stayed in for a couple
nights before heading onto
Eastern Europe.

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Kapadokya Balloons
This is the company that we used
for our hot-air balloon ride in

Cagaloglu Hamami
This is where we had our
hammam experience.
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My Turkish Experience...

Highs: Being served apple tea just about every place I went; seeing the Hagia Sofia and Blue
Mosque at night while hearing the prayer call; seeing camels in Pamukkale; buying a Turkish carpet;
Cappadocia; hot-air balloon ride in Cappadocia.

Lows: The cold/rainy weather in Istanbul; finding out the cost of shipping my carpet.

Best Moment:  Hot-air balloon ride in Cappadocia.

Craziest Moment:  Being taken into a village in the hills above Pamukkale to look at Turkish
carpets at 11:30pm.

Smells: Hookah smoke; Turkish food; roasted chestnuts; roasting corn; grilled fish near the ferry
stations in Istanbul; cigarette smoke.

Sounds: Prayer calls five times a day coming from the mosques; thunder and rain while in
Pamukkale; horns honking;

Sights:  Hagia Sofia (pronounced 'Aya Sofia'); the Blue Mosque; Pamukkale; Hierapolis; cypress
trees (aka Tuscany trees); vineyards; an underground city in Cappadocia; Goreme's Open-Air
Museum; huge mountains outside of Cappadocia; Taksim area of Istanbul; cafes along the water in
Ortakoy (at the Bosphorus Bridge); guys selling Turkish ice cream; people playing backgammon.

Tastes: Kebabs and durums; traditional home-cooked Turkish meal of chicken, vegetables and rice;
Turkish delights (fruity, gummy candies); dried apricots; wines from Pamukkale and Cappadocia;
Yeni Raki (a liquor that tastes like liquor that turns white when you dilute it with water); cherry wine;
cherry juice; Turkish ice cream; flavored tobacco from a hookah; gozlemeci; albino-looking

Purchases: a Turkish rug; earrings; cherry wine; small day bag.

Street Foods: Grilled corn on the cob; Turkish ice cream; bread that looks like a cross between a
sesame bagel and a Bavarian pretzel; grilled fish sandwiches; durums and kebabs; nuts; huge stuffed
baked potatoes.

Fun Food Finds: McTurco at McDonald's; 'A la Turco' Doritos chips.

Western Companies Out Here: Starbuck's, Gloria Jean's Coffee, Burger King, McDonald's

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Yes.  I bought it at the airport for 20 USD.

Type of currency? The Turkish Lira. It's equivalent to about $1.30. Some ATMs in Turkey also
give you the option of pulling out British Pounds and Euros. Just about everywhere accepts Euros. A
lot of places will even give you change in Euros.

Wallet Friendly? Yes. Some great, casual places in Istanbul. Touristy restaurants are definitely a
bit pricey. A lot of 'basic' food at reasonable prices outside of Istanbul.

Things Turkey Is Known For: Carpets and kilims, apricots, pistachios, hammams, teas,
Turkish Delight candies.

Religion: Turkey is 99% Muslim.

Local Spelling: Turkiye

Turkey (Ataturk) Airport: Free wireless Internet.

Costs: $1560
April 29 - May 7 and
June 9-11, 2006
The Blue Mosque in Istanbul.

My Turkish splurge.