Scientific Weather Study in
June 10, 2006

I feel like I am living a first-hand scientific study on the correlation between a person’s mood and the weather. I had
conducted some necessary research during my first trip to Istanbul just over one month ago. Now I can compare it to the
research that I have done over the past two days.

Hypothesis: Istanbul is more enjoyable in nice weather.

Experience #1: I was here with my friend who lives in London. Ironically, as there was a heatwave going on in her
normally-gray city, we were dealing with rain and freezing cold temperatures in the city that was once Constantinople.

Affect: My energy was put into doing and saying anything that would make me a bit warmer. I had layered every long-
sleeved item I had brought with me in hopes that it would make me warm. Not too much luck. I would imagine myself in
extreme heat in order to appreciate the 'coolness' I was feeling. Even less luck there. I would walk with my head down in
order to avoid the wind hitting my face. This helped a little. In summary, I knew Istanbul was a great city but with this kind
of weather it could only be a ‘really good’ city. The stacked tables and chairs outside just served as a reminder that the
weather here was normally nice enough to sit outside and take in the comings and the goings of people walking by. On our last
day the clouds would finally part and we would experience several hours of an unfamiliar sight: the sun. We took advantage of
this all-too-brief encounter by sitting outside with some wine.

Experience #2: I am here on my own for two days en route to Eastern Europe after spending over the past month in
various parts of the Middle East. When I stepped outside, I was met with the combination of sun and a slight breeze.

Affect: An automatic smile on my face. In fact, I was actually beaming on the inside. The weather outside was my definition
of ‘perfect’. I decided no long-sleeved shirt was necessary to bring because I was more than comfortable in my short-sleeved
shirt. I was able to look around and enjoy the sights. I noticed more details of the architecture. The colors of the buildings
were more apparent. I could take my time to stroll around the different stalls outside of the Egyptian Bazaar and admire the
vividness of the colors of fruit that surrounded me. I could gladly welcome the winds from the Bosphorous as I sat outside on
the ferry.

Based on my research, I would like to accept my hypothesis and note that weather
does play a role in the enjoyment of
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On the ferry along the Bosphorus Sea.