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My Zambian Experience...

Highs: Victoria Falls (duh); white-water rafting in the Zambezi River; microlight ride.

Lows: Mosquitoes; being cold in a tent.

Best Moment: Experiencing the Zambezi River on a raft without capsizing.

Craziest Moment: When a baboon jumped into the front seat of our van, grabbed an unopened
box of crackers and jumped right out with the box in hand. This all took place in a matter of a few

Smells: Smoke from the campfire.

Sounds: The Zambezi River rapids; propellers from the microlight; screaming from the bunji

Sights: Victoria Falls ($20); Zambezi River; elephants; hippos; crocodiles; bridge to Zimbabwe.

Tastes: Water from the Zambezi during each rapid we went through; Mosi Lager.

Activities: River rafting ($110); microlight ($85 + $20 for the CD of photos); booze cruise at sunset
(around $35).

Purchases: A male and female wooden mask; a little tribal man.

Street Food: Did not see any.

Fun Food Finds: Did not see any.

Western Companies Out Here: None that I saw.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Yes.  I got it at the border. Our costs were covered in our tour but I believe it is
about $25.

Type of currency? Zambian

Wallet Friendly? Yes. You can even barter for things you want to buy (they love pens, gum, etc.).

Livingstone Airport: $20 departure tax.

Things Zambia Is Known For: Victoria Falls; Zambezi River.

Religion: Christian.

Costs: $225
July 29-31, 2006
Pesky baboons.
On the Zambezi at sunset.
Lori, Kathrin and I at Vic Falls.