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Hotel Zabljak - A
communist-style hotel in
Durmitor National Park. A bit
depressing, to be honest (21

Hotel Rendezvous - Great
location in the middle of Kotor
(30 Euros/night).

Room in a place in Budva -
excellent, renovated, nice
bathroom and some CNN for
those rainy nights to put me to
sleep (20 Euros/night).

Other Sites:

Hotel Vardar - Great
restaurant and cafe in Kotor. A
cheese plate was a nice change.

Ice Bar - Great cafe in Budva
with free wifi.

Kornoba Stari Grad - Got
some of my Adriatic coast
specialties at this cosy
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My Montenegrin Experience...

Highs: Walking up to St. John's Fortress in Kotor for some wonderful fjord views; some tasty wine;
the scenery throughout the country.

Lows: Things being much more expensive than my guidebook said; mosquitoes; not being able to
see any mountains in Durmitor National Park due to the foggy/misty weather; rainy weather on the

Best Moment: Finally seeing sun in Budva on Day #3 there. Getting to enjoy the town, sea and

Smells: Grilled seafood.

Sounds: Church bells waking me up in the morning in Kotor.

Sights: St. John's Fortress (2 Euros); Crno Jezera in Durmitor National Park; the mountains and

Tastes: Vranac - Montenegrin red wine; local cheeses; seafood; cevapi; crepes with apple jam; lots
of cappuccinos; cherry strudel.

Purchases: None.

Street Food: Not much but there are 'pekaras' (bakeries) where there is burek and strudel.

Fun Food Finds: Cappuccino Kit Kats are great.

Western Companies Out Here: Haven't seen any yet!

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? They use the Euro.

Things Montenegro Is Known For: Diverse landscape (I don't know if it's officially known
for this, but this is what stood out to me!).

Transportation: Taking buses in the norm. I took a bus from Sarajevo to Zabljak (Durmitor
National Park) via Niksic for 17 Euros (7 hours); a bus from Zabljak to Kotor via Pogorica was 12
Euros (5 hours).

Religion: Catholic??? (at least I think so)

Costs: 280 Euros
October 7-14, 2007
Stari Budva.
The island of Sveti Stefan..
View of Kotor from above.