National Park...
At Crno Jezera.
October 8, 2007


It was a rainy drive today, yet still beautiful. I guess a good day to be on a bus? We passed through gorges, lakes, etc once we
crossed into Montenegro. Ohhh, and also the changing colors of the leaves. Can’t forget about that. It is now autumn and I
actually get to experience it…even if it is only for a few days.

I am now in Niksic at the bus station for a couple hours. I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow. As for right now, it’s
cold. Brrrr… I can’t imagine that the weather will be better up in the mountains. I guess I will see when I get there.

Oh. And as for the main difference in the ‘RS’ – all I saw was the use of the Cyrillic alphabet instead of the Roman one. But the
Cyrillic I learned in Russia is coming back to me (as this is also used in Montenegro).


I am now Durmitor National Park. It is cold. Everything is practically invisible behind all of the mist. I arrived here at 5:30pm
and it was already dark. As far as I see it so far, options here are limited. I went to one of the two restaurants that was open for
dinner. I have very low hopes for tomorrow. I have gone from thinking I was going to be hiking all day tomorrow and seeing
different lakes to now just hoping to see one lake that might manage to still look nice in this kind of weather. I guess all I can do
is wait to see how things turn out to be tomorrow when I wake up.

October 8, 2007


I did a short hike to Crno Jezera – the lake that is the closest to here. While I was walking, I felt like it was a cross between
Lake Tahoe and Siberia. Weird comparison, I know. The Tahoe comparison makes sense since this is where skiing is done in
Montenegro. The Siberian reference comes into play because of the types of houses that are out here in combination with the
Cyrillic letters.

Crno Jezera was beautiful and peaceful despite not being able to see the main mountain along with others in the range that are
supposed to loom over the lake. I tried to use my imagination…but even that didn’t really work. I just saw a lot of mist and fog
mixed in with the fir and spruce trees. As I said, it was still beautiful. And at least it wasn’t raining! That made the experience
enjoyable versus being tolerable. The lake was still which made the water act as a mirror for the trees. As I said, quite a pretty

The problem is that I was going to give myself a day or two here to do some hiking. But the weather is going to be staying like
this for a little while. I intended to see a bit more than just spruce and fir trees. And considering this place literally closes down
at night (which apparently begins around 5:30pm) and my only option is one of two smoke-filled restaurants, I made the
decision to head to Kotor later today. I’m not lonely…but being in this place any longer might get me there.
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Reflection in the lake.
Architecture in the area.