More Time
Stari Grad of Budva.
October 12, 2007

I woke up to clear weather today! Score for me! I celebrated with a loooong walk. And then continued the celebration by sitting
on the beach for a while just looking out at the views. There was actually
blue water. Incredible!

I even discovered new walkways that went around the coast. Funny how some of these things are practically invisible when it’s
raining and the thought of exploring a place sounds less-than-ideal.

But then something happened this afternoon. Black clouds coming over the mountain. Notice I didn’t say they were ‘gray’.
That’s because they weren’t. They were a deep shade of
black. What happened to the blue from this morning?

I didn’t move fast enough…and I was totally unequipped. I got poured on during the fifteen minute walk back to where I am
staying. I got back looking as if I had just gotten thrown into a pool fully clothed. To think that in just fifteen minutes I went
from wearing my sunglasses and being a bit hot to looking like a drowned rat.

Oh well. At least I got my first glimpse at sun today. I am hoping there is more in store for me tomorrow…

October 13, 2007

Today was wonderful. Simply wonderful.

If you are sensing that I am going to say that there were sunny skies today, you would sense correctly.

I hopped on a bus to the island of Sveti Stefan. While the island is closed off to people right now (word on the street is that
developers are in the works with turning it into some huge hotel), it is still beautiful to look at from the outside. Especially
when it’s sunny out.

I wanted to take advantage of this great weather so I found a path that would take me around the coast to many different
beaches and towns (and even through one semi-cave) that would eventually lead me back to Budva.

Ohhh, how nice this day was! I am
sooo happy I decided to stick around here longer. While sitting on the beach during the
sunset this evening with my cappuccino, I felt much more like I have been on vacation the past few days versus ‘traveling’.
What a great feeling.

Tomorrow morning it is time to say good-bye to this place before heading to Bar to catch my train to Belgrade. How sad. This
was a place I enjoyed more and more the longer I spent here…

Back to Montenegro.
Cool rocks on the beach.
The island of Sveti Stefan.