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My Maldivian Experience...

Highs: Everything!!! villa; the resort; the snorkeling; seeing dolphins; meeting
some great people.

Lows: Getting my wine confiscated upon entering the country.

Best Moment: My birthday...every single second of it!

Smells: Post-rain morning.

Sounds: Waves; propellers of the seaplane.

Sights: Water in all shades of blue; seeing the atolls from overhead; dolphins.

Tastes: All sorts of unusual tropical Asian fruits; cheese and wine pairings; chocolate and wine
pairings; coconut lime sorbet.

Purchases: A few postcards.

Fun Food Finds: The rare fruits; rare cheeses; banana jam.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Transportation: Sri Lankan Airlines. Upon arriving in Male, I took a seaplane to the resort.

Type of currency? The only type of currency I was aware of was charging things to my room. All
prices were in U.S. Dollars so I am assuming that those were accepted.

Language: Arabic and English.

Things the Maldives Are Known For: Atolls; being a paradise.

Religion: Muslim

Costs: $2100 (including airfare, all hotel costs and the seaplane)
August 24-27, 2006
A water villa.
The infinity pool.
A view from the pool.