Not a happy camper.
The plane arriving to take us away.
My last time seeing the atolls.
August 27, 2006

I have to admit that leaving the Maldives brought tears to my eyes. Literally. I know I was being a baby. A thirty-year old
baby, to be exact. But when I say that I was not ready to leave, I really mean it. To make things worse, when the seaplane
came for the five of us departees, a new batch of people were getting off the plane and arriving to the resort. I did not have a
tinge of envy – I was
filled with it. I think this caused more tears to well up behind my eye sockets (luckily they never came
out). This was the first time in four months that I was in a ‘funk’. I had been ‘sad’ about leaving certain places in the past
(Beirut, Israel and Cape Town are ones that immediately come to mind)…but I had never felt like this before. Call it a ‘Leaving-
the-Maldives Depression’ if you will. I wonder if other people have ever experienced this? Truly, it can not be just me that has
felt like this when it is time to go home.

And maybe that was another piece of it… I am not going ‘home’. I am going back to India. I have loved India. But I am now
almost doubting my abilities to get back on the road. This is stupid, I know, because I have had no problems with it in the past.
And it is also stupid as I have no choice. But these are just the thoughts running through my head as I sit at the airport…

The other thing I am thinking about right now is the fact that it seems
sooo long ago that I was sitting at my travel agent’s
desk and we were looking at Maldives resorts on her computer. We decided on the Hilton and booked it. This must have been
some time at the end of last year. This vacation seemed
so far into the future. And now it has come and gone. And it is not even
the Maldives that I am thinking about – this entire trip is going by pretty quickly.

The good thing is that I have had no problem just living in the moment. This was one of my concerns before I left for this trip
so I am happy to see that I am having no problems. I just did not want to be in a place yet have thoughts running through my
mind of the next place I was going to be going to.   

Well, the plane is boarding right now to take me to Sri Lanka for the day. Hopefully by then, this ‘funk’y feeling will have gone
Back to Maldives.