Ringing in the
Big 3-0...
Putting a few drinks back..
Finally...a sunset!
Enjoying a drink during the day.
August 26, 2006

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday dear me-eee
Happy birthday to me.

First of all, I would like to thank the Maldives Sun Gods as they clearly wanted to make this a great day for me. It has been
slightly overcast since I arrived a couple days ago – one night there were even rain storms – but not today. Today would be as
sunny as could be. So a big ‘shout out’ goes to them, whoever they may be…

Secondly, I need to send a few more ‘thanks’ out…

Thank you to Michelle and Clarke – You guys rock! It was so nice checking into the hotel and receiving the gift from you guys.
You know it was put to great use.

Thank you to ‘the girls’ at home – Ari, Annette, Jenna, Annie, Kellie and Heather. It was such a fun surprise to find a piece of
‘mail’ in my mailbox this afternoon. It goes without saying that those spa treatments went to good use!

I was already having a wonderful birthday and all of you managed to make it even
better. I did not even think it was possible!

Now, back to being out here for my birthday…

I truly can not think of a better way to ring in the next year of my life. Excuse me…the next
decade of my life. In an attempt to
not sound like an anti-social freak, it did not even bother me that I was going to be by myself on this day. Would I have liked to
have had people here with me? Of course. But did it bother me that nobody was? Not in the slightest. Part of the reason may
be that I have never been one to make a huge deal out of my birthday. Some people will do a daily countdown to everyone
around them once the one-month point hits. While that route might work for them, I always just fear that if I make too big of a
deal out of a birthday it will be a big let-down. I also know that some of my friends have to watch their spending and it is
always an awkward moment when the bill comes and you have to watch people do the calculations. You know that for some of
your friends, it is no big deal. But then to others, they will have to forgo other things that month because of this night out. Being
out here made it so that I didn’t have to deal with any of these issues. Yet another thing to smile about...

So what did I do on my first day of stepping into my ‘thirties’??? Well, I was just about to get to that…

  • I woke up early and did the sunrise snorkeling. I will have to say that the fish and reefs I saw this morning were even
    better than what I saw when I went diving in Seychelles. I saw a giant manta ray and a spotted eagle ray…in addition to
    tons of cool fish. When we were done, they had picnic breakfasts (complete with bagels with lox and a tropical fruit salad)
    waiting for us. The best part, though, was when we were back in the boat and spotted dolphins in the distance. We made
    our way to them and they literally were swimming right next to our boat.

  • At 11am, I went to the underwater restaurant for cocktail hour and got my champagne cocktail (mixed with lime juice,
    vodka and Blue Curacao) while checking out the fish surrounding me. The drink was the most beautiful bluish-green
    color – I almost enjoyed looking at it as much as drinking it. Okay, I’m lying now. I definitely enjoyed drinking it more.

  • I took a ‘dhoni’ ride (the type of boat that they have out here) to the other island and back. What can I say…I’m a sucker
    for a boat ride.

  • I went and had my Thai fruit wrap. Everybody should do a spa treatment on their birthday. I am going to remember this
    for the future.

  • I did some more snorkeling on my own in the ocean right outside of my villa. It was simply amazing what the ocean out
    here has to offer. In addition to the many varieties of fish and the reefs, there are also cute little sharks.

  • I had afternoon tea while getting near the end of my book ‘Holy Cow’. I know people are mixed on their feelings towards
    this book but I am really enjoying it. I don’t think it would have been that interesting to me before going to India. But
    now that I have been, I feel like I can relate to over half of the experiences she is talking about.  

  • I watched the sunset. This was the first actual sunset that even took place while I was here. The other two nights it was
    too cloudy to really see anything. Once again, Mother Nature was making sure everything was going my way today. I
    now forgive her for the weather she gave me in Seychelles.

  • I did a cheese and wine pairing. Oh my gosh – my love for cheese and wine has only intensified after being here. Because
    it’s a communal table, I met some great people there. This was the same place where I met a few different couples on my
    first night here. It is perfect for a person who is here on their own. I enjoy reading during breakfasts and lunches. But at
    dinner time, conversation is always very appreciated and I would easily find that here. The sommelier for the other wine
    restaurant was there and when she found out it was my birthday, she brought over a glass of champagne for me. Too

  • After dinner I met up with Marc and Kyla. I originally met them on my first day since we all came in on the same
    seaplane. I ran into them earlier today and we all decided to meet up later on to get a drink. When I saw them, Hayley
    and Owen (a couple I met during my first time to the wine/cheese bar) were sitting with them. It turned out that they
    met each other earlier today. We all just sat and drank and talked and drank…and then drank some more. The end of the
    night would take us onto the dance floor where Owen surprised me by requesting some of the songs that I had
    mentioned I was hoping were going to be played.

I am typing this while still feeling the effects of the many birthday drinks from last night. There are only three hours left until I
have to check out of heaven…I mean my resort. This makes me sad.
Very sad. The song ‘Time to Say Good-Bye’ by Andrea
Bocelli is what comes to mind. That song is so beautiful but it always makes me a bit sad. Now that it is ‘time for me to say
good-bye’ I am really sad. Why does this have to end? Booo. I also just realized that I just said the word ‘sad’ quite a bit. My
brain is working slowly and is having a hard time coming up with another word to use in its place. Sad, huh?

As a final note, I just have to say that my birthday was the best ever. Just when I thought it was as good as it could be, I would
be mistaken as something would come along that would make it that much better. I came here thinking I was going to be
spending three days on my own; I am now leaving here with a handful of friends. Even more of a reason to love my Maldivian
Back to Maldives.