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June 2 - June 9, 2006

My Israeli Experience...

Highs: The ease of crossing the border (despite my Syria and Lebanon stamps in my passport);
creature comforts of home; being able to see family while in Tel Aviv; Yad Vashem (Holocaust
Museum); Old City of Jerusalem; Old Jaffa (in Tel Aviv); bathrooms with toilets and toilet paper (and
sometimes even toilet seat covers).

Lows: How insanely expensive this place is after traveling through the rest of the Middle East; some
people aren't the

Best Moment: While I've seen so many great things here, I have to say just being able to stroll
around Tel Aviv and having no plan or sights to see is quite a treat.

Smells: The Mediterranean Sea (while in Tel Aviv).

Sounds: Lots of talking and laughing at the cafes; Israelis appearing to be in heated discussions;
Israeli pop music.

Sights: Resort-meets-Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk atmosphere in Eilat; Hebrew writing
everywhere (I know this is obvious but it still feels like a big change after seeing Arabic everywhere);
a Communist demonstration at Rabin Square (directly across from the apartment I'm staying at);
tons and tons of cafes in Tel Aviv; graffiti consisting of Jewish stars; Independence Hall; Neve Tzedek;
Old Jaffa; crafts market at Nahalat Binyamin; Holocaust Memorial (free).

Tastes: All of the Western food you can think of; a much-craved ice blended from Coffee Bean & Tea
Leaf; the best rugelach (a type of cookie/pastry) I've ever tasted.

Purchases: Glass bowl, glass platter, purse/bag, earrings, shirt; Tampax Compact tampons (I
know this doesn't sound like a big deal..but these are a rare find out in this part of the world).

Street Food: Schwarma and falafel; different kinds of breads and pastries.

Fun Food Finds: Pink grapefruit Mentos; McShawarmas, potato wedges (in addition to French
fries) and corn fritters at McDonald's (in addition to no cheeseburgers).

Western Companies Out Here: Sbarro; Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf; Domino's; ACE Hardware.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? Shekels. Approximately 4.5 of the make up $1 US.

Transportation: Walked right in from Taba (the border town in Egypt); buses will be used to get
from city to city. Buses run from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv every fifteen minutes and the ride is only one
hour long.

Ben-Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv): There is free wireless Internet.

Shabbat: Things here are closed from Friday late afternoon until Saturday at sundown. Sunday is
part of their normal work schedule.

Things Israel Is Known For: Being predominantly Jewish.

Religion: Judaism.

Costs: $375
The beach in Eilat.
The Old City of Jaffa viewed from Tel Aviv.
In Old Jerusalem.