Ecuador Journals

On My Bus Into Ecuador

Our Semi-Amazing Race in



Getting 'Steam'y in Baños

Happiness Is Knowing There
Are No More Ecuadorian Bus

Arriving at the Galapagos

Plaza South Island and
Bachas Beach

Easter Sunday at Sombrero
Chino and Bartolomé

Last Day of the Cruise -
North Seymour and Santa Fe

Good-Bye to My Galapagos

Diving into Sub-Galapagoan

My Last Couple Days in the

Quito Sin Alcohol

A Bit Clueless As I Am About
To Leave Quito
Photo Albums

Galapagos Islands
Links relating to
my trip

Hostal Milan - Great place in

Hostal Posada del Arte -
Without a doubt, one of the
nicer places in Banos.

Miconia - One of the nicest
places to stay on San Cristobal

Amazonas Inn - Perfect
location and spotless rooms in

Other Sites:

Galasam- Company I booked
my Galapagos trip through in

GAP - I ended up being on
the GAP V boat (called the
Galaven I)  for my Galapagos
trip (coincidentally, the same
company I used for

Scuba Iguana - Good place to
use for dives in the Galapagos.

Red Mangrove Hotel -
Wonderful sushi restaurant
here in the Galapagos!

Xocoa - the chocolate
shop/cafe in the Mariscal area
of Quito.

La Boca del Lobo - Excellent
restaurant in Quito!

Atrio - Another great
restaurant in the Mariscal area
of Quito.

Magic Bean - Perfect place to
start the morning off in the
Mariscal area of Quito.

Ecuador Facts
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My Ecuadorian Experience...

Highs: Swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos; cruise in the Galapagos; observing different
wildlife in the Galapagos; horseback riding in Baños; real steam bath experience.

Lows: Unsuccessfully waiting at the Guayaquil airport for standby spots to open up for Galapagos
flights; bus ride from Ambato to Guayaquil.

Best Moment: My Galapagos trip (specifically - swimming with the sea lions)!

Craziest Moment: Watching one tortoise bite another tortoise in the neck while the 'bitee' was
getting it on with his lady tortoise friend.

Smells: Whiffs of freshly baked goodies at the pastelerias and panaderias; guano-like stuff in the

Sounds: Sea lions making their funny noises; blue-footed boobies doing their mating calls;
frigatebirds doing their mating calls; car horns honking; dogs barking; people yelling out the names of
different towns/cities at the bus station.

Sights: The colonial city of Cuenca; panama hats in Cuenca; unique wildlife and sea life (penguins,
sea lions, blue-footed boobies, iguanas, pelicans, frigatebirds, white tipped reef sharks, sea turtles,
eagle rays, etc.) in the Galapagos; starry nights from our boat in the Galapagos; cool-looking opuntia

Tastes: Ceviches (octopus, lobster, fish, etc.); sushi!!! (in Cuenca); all sorts of goodies at the
'pastelerias'; my beloved 'rambutan' fruit that I discovered in Asia; sugar cane candy (in Baños);
blackberry juice (aka jugo de mora); fresh pieces of sugar cane; tree tomato juice (Galapagos); wahoo
(fish); 'vavaca' fruit???;
real hot chocolate.

Purchases: Two underwater camera; pair of earrings.

Street Food: Cut up tropical fruits; empanadas; humitas; plantain crisps; nuts; grilled plantains (in

Fun Food Finds: Sugar cane taffy (in Baños); pieces of sugar cane.

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's; KFC; Payless Shoe Source.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No. But there is a $38US departure tax upon leaving Ecuador on an international

Type of currency? U.S. Dollars (how easy!).

Wallet Friendly? Compared to Chile? Yes. Compared to Peru and Bolivia? Not as much.

Things Ecuador Is Known For: Galapagos Islands; the equator; the jungle.

Religion: Catholic.

Costs: $1700 for Galapagos cruise/flights/national park fees + $500
March 31 - April 15, 2007
A sea lion pup in the Galapagos.
In Guayaquil.
The colonial architecture in Cuenca..