A Bit Clueless As I Am About To Leave Quito...
April 15, 2007

Here’s a word that you don’t want to see when you get to the airport and look for your flight on the screen: ‘closed’. And then I
looked at the time. 15:34.
Oh, crap! They changed the time of my flight on me! Why do I never confirm things beforehand??? One
of these days I will learn. Now that I think about it, they did send me some email about a change to my flight. Shoot. That was
probably the flight info with the different time.

In any case, they let me through and checked me in. I was clearly more in a rush than they were. But since they weren’t too
concerned, no reason for me to be.

I’m at the gate. It says they are boarding (according to my watch, there’s only 15 minutes before the flight takes off). Maybe there’
s a slight delay because nobody is getting on. Phew. At least I am here.

Five minutes later…

I am such a dumba*s. Yes, the flight is at 15:34. My problem is that I can’t count. Ever since I saw the flight info on the computer
screen I was under the impression that my flight had been bumped up to 2:34pm (a problem when you get to the airport at 1:
55pm). And I
just realized that I need to work on my military time a bit more. My basic arithmetic skills have apparently gone to
the wayside as my flight is still the same ol’ flight I have always had – 3:34pm. Now I feel like an idiot for being in such a rush…
Back to Ecuador.