Australia Journals

Arriving in Perth

Ascending Up the Western

Continuing Up the Coast to
Monkey Mia

Seeing the Big Creatures in
Coral Bay

Bob's Big Day Out in

Perth and the Swan Valley

Now Time For South-West

Last Stop: Rottnest Island
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Pinnacles, Wildlife Centers and
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Monkey Mia and Shark's Bluff

Coral Bay and Exmouth

South-West Australia

Rottnest Island

Links relating to
my trip

Billabong Backpackers
Resort (Perth)

Governor Robinson's

Other Sites:

Red Earth Safaris - The
company I used to get from
Perth to Exmouth and back to

Out-and-About Wine Tours -
Great company to use for
day-trips to the Swan Valley.

Western Exposure - The
company I used for my
South-West Australia trip.

Flying Fish Winery - A winery
in Margaret River.

Margaret River Chocolate
Company - yum!

Gilbert's Wines - A great, cozy
winery near Mt.  Barker.

Swan Valley Wineries:
Sandalford, Lancaster, Windy
Creek, Sittello, Heford Glen.
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My Australian Experience...

Highs: The Pinnacles; swimming with manta rays and sharks in Coral Bay; our night at the sheep
station sleeping underneath countless stars; going beach-hopping along the coast of Exmouth;
Stromatolites; seeing wild kangaroos and emus all over; Rottnest Island; day o' wine drinking in the Swan
Valley; coast near Albany.

Lows: Being reminded of how expensive things are out here; having our dive in Ningaloo Reef cancelled
because of the swells and currents from the winds of a cyclone that is due (after being all geared up and in
the boat riding around for two hours trying to find better conditions); coming to Exmouth a bit too early
for whaleshark season; having an attack of the bedbugs at one of the hostels.

Best Moments: Swimming with the countless sharks; having the Oyster Stacks completely to

Craziest Moment: When Jo and I inquired about renting a car in Exmouth to a woman with no teeth
and a one-car fleet, she told us we might have a problem getting around town because 'they were killing
goats' that day.
Huh??? Turns out it was true - there was an aerial goat shooting going on to keep the
population of them down due to their ruining the surrounding fauna.

Smells: Wines; chocolate; barbeque aromas; different products at a sandalwood factory.

Sounds: The ocean; 'Good on you'.

Sights: The Pinnacles; dolphins at Monkey Mia; Shark's Bluff; Oyster Stacks, Turquoise Bay, T-Bone
Bay and some other beaches near Exmouth; Ningaloo Reef; Stromatolites; town of Fremantle; so much
roadkill (mostly 'roos); wildlife such as emus, 'roos, koalas, quokkas.

Tastes: Kangaroo sausage; dessert-style Greek yogurt with passionfruit; fish 'n chips; using sweet chili
sace on just about everything; Tim Tams.

Fun Food Finds: Strawberry kit kat; 'hedgehog' slices; honeycomb products; Tim Tams.

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's; Subway; KFC; Gloria Jean's (but surprisingly no
Starbuck's in Perth or WA!!!).

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Yes. I obtained this online.

Type of currency? Australian Dollar. About 1 Australian dollar equals $0.80 US.

Wallet Friendly? No. Not at all. Australia is a pretty pricey place to dine out or even go to a cafe. A
breakfast is close to $15 AD.

Things Australia Is Known For: Kangaroos; koalas; Great Barrier Reef; kind people; amazing
scenery; the 'Red Center' (Uluru aka 'Ayers Rock'); boomerangs; Steve Irwin - aka the Crocodile Hunter;
cricket; Tim Tams; vegemite; Steve Irwin (aka 'The Crocodile Hunter').

Religion: Christian (this is probably the majority though everything goes out here).

Costs: Around $2000 with airfare, tours, food & wine and places to stay.
(West Coast)...
February 2-18, 2008
The Pinnacles at sunset.
Cute and cuddly koala.
A beautiful beach near the Moore River.