Last Stop:
Going beach-hopping on Rottnest Island.
Yet another Aussie animal - the quokka.
At Little Parakeet Bay.
February 17, 2008

I have to be honest that it wasn’t too difficult to decide where to spend my final day in Australia.

Rottnest Island was a place I had never heard about before arriving in Perth. But once here, I found that everybody I had
spoken with had visited this place. Everyone said great things – since I knew I would have one full day to do whatever I
wanted, I knew what I was going to be doing. And the decision was only made easier considering the free day fell on a Sunday
when the entire center of Perth is closed.

Things were looking good with blue skies above while I was on the train to Fremantle. But when I was on the ferry, things
started to change. The blue sky was getting swallowed by gray clouds. By the time we arrived at Rottnest Island, seeing a ray
of sun seemed like a pipe dream. I figured this would be just my luck on my last day in Australia. I just thought to myself ‘so
much for the beautiful shades of blues and greens that you have seen on all of the postcards and pictures of this place.’ The
beaches were still wonderful so all was not lost. But I still was a bit bummed that my last day in Oz was going to turn out this

And factor in the fact that while I thought I was molested by a mosquito the other night, it turns out that bed bugs were
actually the culprits of making nearly every part of my body itch. I am rashy all over my hand and fingers, my arm, legs and
ankles. It sucks. Even my ‘Sting-Eze’ that always does the trick with the skeeters isn’t helpful with this. I need some relief –
but the pharmacies are closed today. (I’m hoping I won’t be itchy tomorrow but at least if I am I can pick up some cream.)

But then something happened while I was at my second beach of the day – there was a slice of hope in the sky. Within thirty
minutes, the blue was expanding and now I knew something good was around the corner. In the matter of being on the island
for a couple hours, a miracle occurred and only a few puffy white clouds were left in the sky. And with this came the absolutely
gorgeous two-toned green and blue water. Now this was what I was talking about for my last day in Australia!

I continued my beach hopping via the hop-on/hop-off bus. Days like this made me bummed out about not knowing how to ride
a bike. It also made me vow to learn when I get home.

It wasn’t long before it was time to get back on the ferry to head back to Fremantle. But what a great day it was.

My friend Jen (that I met on my tour) picked me up from the ferry terminal and we went to the cricket club where her brother-
in-law had just played. We were just there long enough to have a drink before heading out again to Leederville to grab some
dinner. It had to be a short night because of oh-so-fun things like laundry and packing up that needed to be done before leaving
Australia tomorrow.

All in all, I am
so happy that I decided to make the trip down here…even if it was for a shorter period of time than was really
necessary. I guess it worked out that it is cyclone season in Broome because that gives me a reason to come back another time
and see the Kimberley and then head back to Exmouth during whale shark season to swim with them. And, for good measure, I
might even finally make it out to Uluru (i.e Ayers Rock) that time.

February 18, 2008

I am writing this while being delayed at the Perth airport. I know it sounds odd…but I’m actually really excited to be delayed.
Sounds odd, huh? But considering tonight is another Singapore Airport all-nighter, this just decreases the amount of hours that
I am lingering around that airport. Originally it was going to be about 10 hours from the time I arrived until the time I left. But
so far our flight is delayed 2 hours so it will now be less than 8 hours. Everyone around me is very frustrated and they keep
letting out huge sighs as the latest delay is announced (they are coming in spurts of 20 minutes). I can understand their
frustration – I’m just not feeling any of it. This happiness is quite selfish, I admit. But let me say if there is any airline I want to
delay me, it is Qantas. Why do I say this? Because, as I type this, they are off getting us ‘refreshments’ because of the delay. It’
s only been about two hours – this is awfully kind of them. But then again, it kind of makes me now wonder if this is to appease
us to throw another few hours of waiting at us? At least this is giving me time to make my many picture CDs. I didn’t want to
have to do this on the plane since that would cut into my movie-watching time. And that would be a pity since I will have about
100 movies at my disposal.

Everybody is now rushing to Gate 1 for their refreshments – looks like we’re getting little containers of orange juice and
different Arnott products (but sadly, I don’t see Tim Tams circulating).

Once again, I’m not feeling the annoyance others are. I am on a business-class flight to Tokyo so I will have access to the
business lounge for a large portion of the time while at the Singapore Airport. Heck, if Qantas times it right – I might just be
able to check-in right when I arrive in Singapore!

Now the only thing standing in my way of absolute happiness are these darn bedbug bites. I think the bites have even spread to
my butt. But they will have to go un-itched as I am not going to scratch my butt in front of all of these people. Oh, but they
really, really itch! Ughhh…

Oh. I just saw portions of cheese being passed out, too. I might just have to go join the queue…
Back to Australia.