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Gap Adventures - The
company that I booked my
trip through. Absolutely
amazing! I would
recommend this in a

Ushuaia Tourism - This
is where I rented my gear
for the trip. Why buy the
stuff and ship it home
when I can rent a jacket,
pants and boots for $60???

Antarctica Facts
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My Antarctic Experience...

Highs: All of the wildlife (i.e. penguins, seals, whales, etc.); watching a 'kill' with a leopard seal and a
penguin; having a Gentoo penguin tug at my jacket; watching a whale in the water from our zodiac boat;
the sunset at Port Lockroy; the immense icebergs.

Lows: Seeing a penguin lose its life to a leopard seal; smelling like penguin poop after spending time
being around them; the extremely rocky ride through the Drake Passage.

Best Moment:  It's really hard to give a 'best' moment. Maybe witnessing the scale of everything
out here? And all of the penguins, seals and icebergs.

Smells: 'Guano' (aka penguin poop).

Sounds: Penguins calling out to their moms and babies; whales breaking through the water;
announcements on the PA system on-board the boat; Antarctic fur seals not sounding especially happy;
glaciers cracking; whale noises.

Sights: Chinstrap penguins; gentoo penguins; adelie penguins; humpback whales; Minke whales;
Antarctic fur seals; leopard seals; elephants seals; crab-eater seals; icebergs; Devil's Island; Brown
Bluff; Penguin Island in the South Shetland Islands; penguins and seals floating on icebergs; Deception
Island; Danco Island; Pleneau Island; Half Moon Island; Port Lockroy.

Tastes: Really, really good food on-board; Baked Antarctica.

Purchases: Antarctica postcard stamps with penguins on them; Antarctica pen.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? U.S. Dollars on-board the boat.

Things Antarctica Is Known For: Penguins; icebergs; experiencing the effects of global

Costs: $3950 plus $300 local payment
February 3-12, 2007
Moving like a penguin.
An iceberg.
Penguins on an iceberg..