My Antarctica Log - Day #2...
February 4, 2006

Making Our Way Through Drake's Passage

I was one of the lucky ones. And believe me…there weren’t many.

People around me have dropped like flies falling victim to the stretch of water known as ‘Drake’s Passage’. But thanks to my
abnormally strong stomach, I have experienced no such thing.

The only thing I did experience was being a bit hungover from last night. When am I going to learn to drink water??? My
headache made me sleepy all day. So while Alicia was busy running to the bathroom to throw up every few minutes (starting
around 4am), I was snug as a bug in my bed thinking ‘Ahhh… At least that’s not me!’

When I woke up I was still feeling not-so-hot and that’s when I (finally) consulted one of my best friends when I’m in a time of
need – Advil. How could I not think of this sooner? Did the wine from last night really make me
this stupid? What is wrong with

After thirty minutes of popping those two tablets, I was a new person.

I went to a lecture on Antarctica and ate dinner with the few others on-board that weren’t heaving. Now I am calling it a night.
Actually I have one task to do before then. Alicia has just requested a wet washrag for her forehead. Gotta tend to those matters
first…and then it’s off to bed. I want to be wide-eyed and bushy-tailed for our first ‘real’ day in Antarctica!
Back to Antarctica.
The front of our boat.