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Posada del Sur - A loft-like
place in Montevideo.

Posada del Angel - A
B&B-like place in Colonia
del Sacramento.

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My Uruguaian Experience...

Highs: The charming Colonia del Sacramento; the great old-style cars in Colonia; the pastelerias in

Lows: Being in Montevideo on May 1st - when EVERYTHING is closed; being in Colonia del
Sacramento during the off-season when some great restaurants are closed during the week;
mosquitoes; the absence of pastelerias in Colonia.

Best Moment: Wandering around the cobblestone streets of Colonia del Sacramento.

Craziest Moment: Being in an absolute ghost town while in Montevideo on May 1st. Not even
one restaurant was open for dinner. We had to eat toast with dulce de leche that was provided in the
kitchen of the place we were staying.

Smells: Pastelerias.

Sounds: The waves of the water.

Sights: The view from the top of the lighthouse in Colonia; the harbor in Montevideo; the old city in

Tastes: Corvina fish; provoleta; great cookies and pastries.

Purchases: Nothing!

Street Food: Do cookies count?

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? Uruguaian pesos. $1 US is equal to about 25 pesos.

Misconceptions about Uruguay: That it is a shady country like Paraguay. Not all 'guay's are
created equal. Uruguay is very nice and more expensive than Argentina.

Religion: Catholic.

Costs: $110 (including roundtrip ferry ride from Buenos Aires)
May 1-3, 2007
In Montevideo.
In Colonia del Sacramento.
An old car in Colonia.