May 2, 2007

What a wonderful little city!

Cobblestones streets. Colorful buildings. Great ice cream. What’s not to love???

Who cares if it’s a bit touristy. It’s only touristy because it is so darn cute out here!

My sister told me that many people do Colonia del Sacramento as a day trip from Buenos Aires. But I’m happy we decided not to do
it that way. After all, that would have meant that we would have missed out on our precious bed-and-breakfast experience out
here. No, sireee. Couldn’t have that happen.

I will admit that the old quarter of the town isn’t extremely big. But I think it is so enjoyable being able to walk around at our
leisure instead of trying to rush and see everything within a few hours. The only ‘official’ thing we have done out here is walk to the
top of the lighthouse for a view of the old town. Everything else has just been centered around wandering down this street and that.

We sat outside on a narrow cobblestone street for lunch. We lingered for a while there because it was just too picturesque. It almost
felt like being on a movie set – this feeling was even more present with the beautifully restored old red car that was sitting next to
our umbrellas.

Speaking of that, there are old cars
everywhere out here. And they are all beautiful. Even the ones without the perfect paint jobs
look their own form of perfect while sitting on cobblestone streets. If I was a car person, I would even be able to say what
models/makes of cars these are. But I haven’t a clue. All I can say is I feel that Cuba might be a tinge like this.  

Oh! I forgot about another piece of our viewing entertainment earlier today. We got to see scenes for a movie being shot (I think it’s
pretty safe to say that it isn’t going to be a summer blockbuster). But, nonetheless, it was fun to watch. I’m actually still trying to
figure out where the director and crew are from since all of the direction was being done in English. Hmmm….

One semi-downer about being here during the week during the off-season means that you can’t bank on eating at a restaurant
whose menu you saw and loved. We found out the hard way. We had our mouths and stomachs set on a restaurant called
‘Sacramento’. We were already tasting our cheese and meat platter, our salmon with mashed spinach and the lime crème brulee.
But it wasn’t meant to be. As it turns out, this restaurant is only open for dinner on the weekends. Disappointment does not begin to
describe how we were feeling. We basically had the option of a couple different restaurants that were open on the square – we
picked one called ‘El Drugstore’. It was very kitschy and fun inside. We had some good corvina fish with mashed pumpkin and our
dessert was a trifle-of-sorts layered with meringue, whipped cream, dulce de leche and topped with chocolate shavings and
strawberries. I am determined to duplicate this when I go home and hit the kitchen.

Our time here ends tomorrow morning. We will probably take to the streets one last time in the morning before breakfast and walk
along the water and have our last moments of hearing waves crashing (okay, maybe they don’t really ‘crash’ out here but at least
there are small waves).
Back to Uruguay.
One of the many adorable doorways.
Old-school car.
View from the lighthouse.