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A Whirlwind of a Trip: Part 1

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Homeward Bound
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San Francisco, etc.
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Mamacita's - A
restaurant that opened
since I left. I went here
with my friends and loved

Bristol Farms - A new
swanky grocery store at
Westfield Shopping Center
on Market - also brand
new since I left!

Pluto's - This was one of
the places that I craved
when I first got to the City!

The Nook - My old
stomping ground that I
went to several times
while in town.
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My American Experience...

Highs: Seeing my friends; views of the San Francisco skyline; seeing the new things that have been
built in San Francisco; having absolutely no problems adapting; being reunited with Yummy Yogurt.

Lows: Feeling like the last 9 months of my life was some sort of dream; not having enough time to
see all of the different places I wanted to; having to depend on others to drive me around since I don't
have a car.

Best Moment: Walking around San Francisco and being able to say to myself 'This is truly one of
the most incredible cities in the world.

Sounds: Cable car tracks.

Sights: Hillsborough; Burlingame; San Mateo; Golden Gate Bridge (from afar); Alcatraz (from afar);
the Marina; downtown San Francisco; the Bernstein office in San Francisco.

Tastes: Salad at Pluto's; a seafood stew at Mamacita; Asian chicken salad at Copenhagen; my
favorite dark chocolate covered raspberry marshmallows from Aida's; some chocolate from Cocoa
Bella; the food heaven that is Bristol Farms; a chai latte from The Coffee Bean; frozen yogurt from
Yummy Yogurt; a drunk indulgence of an old-fashioned glazed donut.

Purchases: All new clothes from Old Navy for the next part of my trip.

Fun Food Finds: My favorite green papaya salad is available at 'Out the Door'; a 'Beard Papa';
the seafood bar at Bristol Farms; new types of cereals and granola bars (at the grocery stores).

Other General Info...

Visa needed? I'm sure it is needed by most people except for Canadians.

Type of currency? American Dollar.

Religion: A whole lot of everything...though the majority is Christian.

United States...
January 27-31, 2007
View of the Transamerica Pyramid.

The Golden Gate Bridge.
View of Coit Tower and the Bay Bridge.