My Heart Is Back in San
View from my old company's office.
January 30, 2007

I am in love with my city all over again. I really am.

I had no idea how I was going to feel when I came back home for a few days. Initially I would have preferred to have
not had this happen.
But since I had no choice, I am glad it worked out this way.

I have to say that I live in one of the most incredible cities in the world. While I have always felt this way, I guess I took it a bit for granted
while I lived here. And at the same time, after traveling for a while I wasn’t sure if I would see San Francisco as positively after visiting so
many other fantastic places. But just walking down the streets I was taking in every little thing – from the architecture of all of the
buildings to some of the perfect winter sunsets that leaves the sky a pinkish color to the clanking of the cable cars to the great, inexpensive
eating options to seeing Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge on my walk to the gym to the…. Okay, okay. I could go on forever. My point
is that there is just so much to love about this darn city!

I was only able to spend two days here. There were so many other neighborhoods I wanted to hit up. At least I made it to my old
stomping ground (The Nook) and I got to see my old apartment (though the current people seem a bit anti-social as the blinds were closed
when I walked by – we never closed the blinds). I got to go to the new Westfield Center which I found quite wonderful and I squeezed in a
trip to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Can’t forget about going to Pluto’s to fulfill my salad craving. And going to dinner with the girls at
Mamacita which has only opened since I have been gone.

I got to see so many friends. I went and visited my peeps at my old company. I realized how much I took working in the Bank of America
building for granted. I literally stood in the conference room with my mouth wide open as I was in awe of the views (especially in the early
evening sunset). It seemed as if I was seeing all of my former co-workers after a long weekend.

It seems like I was traveling so long ago. How can this be??? The great thing to know is that I have a place that I love to come back to. It is
also great that it won’t be hard at all for me to adapt to being back in San Francisco.

I’m leaving my heart here tomorrow…but will be back in about five months to pick it up!
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