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My Nepali Experience...

Highs: Doing a trek; the beautiful scenery along the trek (the landscape and different villages);
having a break from the heat of India; Durbar Square in Kathmandu; my mountain flight over Mt.

Lows: Never fully seeing the Himalayas during my trek due to the weather.

Best Moment: Walking from Dhampus to Sarangkot through the different landscape and villages.

Smells: Incense.

Sounds: 'Namaste'; goats; Buddhists praying.

Sights: Rickshaws; candles lit along the streets; lush, green countryside outside of Pokhara; Durbar
Square; lots of rain and fog; cows, buffalo and goats.

Tastes: Momos (steamed Tibetan dumplings); trek mix; dhal bhat (basically rice mixed with lentil
soup); pastries from German bakeries.

Purchases: A malachite necklace and matching earrings; turquoise earrings; a hat.

Street Food: Fruit; popcorn; corn.

Fun Food Finds: White chocolate m&m's.

Western Companies Out Here: A Hallmark store; Baskin Robbins.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Yes.  I got it upon arrival at the airport for $30 US.

Departure Tax? Yes. $20 U.S. for my international flight to India (it is more expensive to a
non-Indian sub-continent country). The tax was 170 rupees for my mountain flight.

Type of currency? Nepalese rupee. One U.S. Dollar equals approximately 74 Nepalese rupees.

Things Nepal Is Known For: Mt. Everest; trekking; friendly people.

Main Items to Buy Here: North Face gear; trekking gear; jewelry; wool clothing; pashminas.

Religion: The majority is Hindi. The second religion is Buddhism. The two co-exist very well over

Costs: $600 (including flight, mountain flight, hotels, food, the trek and trekking guide, and
September 5-11, 2006
Outside of Dhampus on my trek.
Durbar Square in Kathmandu.
Mt. Everest from above.