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My Jordanian Experience...

Highs: Floating in the Dead Sea; lathering up with mud in the Dead Sea; the scenery at Petra;
starry night in Wadi Rum; overall Wadi Rum experience; donkey ride.

Lows: The Bedouins in Petra.

Best Moment:  Seeing an infinite amount of stars out in the desert.

Smells: Donkey poop in Petra.

Sounds: Lack of car honking (relative to Lebanon and Syria); prayer call; echoes in the Roman
Theatre when you stand at the exact central point; camels and donkeys (in Petra); the motto

Sights: Petra (21 JD for 1 day, 26 JD for 2 days; 1/2 price for students); Dead Sea (5 JD); Wadi
Rum desert (35 JD for 2 hour camel ride, jeep safari, 3 meals and use of a Bedouin camp); Lawrence
of Arabia's home (quite unimpressive); Aqaba (the port town); Bedouins smoking cigarettes and
drinking tea.

Tastes: Baklava; more hummus; some great cookies from a bakery in Petra; home-cooking at our
hotel in Petra; Bedouin cuisine of smoked chicken, potatoes and onions.

Purchases: None.

Street Food: Beans; fuul; bread items; baklava and pastries.

Fun Food Finds: None.

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Safeway (who knew???),

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Yes.  I got it at the border for 10 JD (~$15 U.S.) -- extremely easy process.

Departure Taxes? 5 JD from the port in Aqaba to Nuweiba, Egypt.

Transportation to/from Jordan? By bus from Damascus to Amman: about $7 US (~3
hours); from Aqaba to Nuweiba (Egypt) by fast ferry: $40 US (1 hour).

Type of currency? Jordan Dinar (JD). 1 JD equals approximately $.70.

Things Jordan Is Known For: Their friendliness; Petra; Wadi Rum desert.

Religion: Muslim

Costs: $220
May 14 - May 19, 2006
At the Dead Sea.
The Wadi Rum desert.
On my donkey in Petra.