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June 17, 27-30, 2006

My Hungarian Experience...

Highs: The Danube River at night; the Synagogue; views from Buda Castle; Eger; Andrassy Street;
our meal at Mokka.

Lows: Proving my non-savvy Orbitz capabilities by choosing a hotel that catered 95% to mass
tour-bus groups (absolutely painful!); an extremely dry and stale pastry at a highly recommended

Best Moment: My day in Eger.

Smells: The different wines.

Sounds: The downpour of rain.

Sights: The Synagogue (about $3); the Market Hall; Danube River; Chain Bridge; the town of Eger;
the Valley of Beautiful Women in Eger (where the wineries are); Szentendre (a town just outside of
Budapest); the baths at Szechenyi Furdo (about $8).

Tastes: Gazpacho; strawberry soup with cottage cheese dumplings (delicious!!!); carpaccio
bruschetta; pancakes filled with peaches and cottage cheese with vanilla sauce; paprika chicken with
gnocchi; sour cherry soup with yogurt; Gere Cabernet Sauvignon (from Hungary) that was one of the
best I have ever tasted.

Purchases: Bekivar ('Bull's Blood') wine; a beautiful perfume bottle.

Street Food: Baked goods.

Fun Food Finds: Peanut-flavored Cheetos (more 'weird' than 'fun'); paprika-flavored potato

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's; Burger King; Pizza Hut.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? Hungarian forints. About 210 make up $1 US.

Transportation: Though the train is probably one of the most common and easiest ways to get
here, we flew into Budapest from Split (Croatia) on Sky Europe.

Budapest Airport: Free wireless internet.

Things Hungary Is Known For: Goulash; wine; porcelain; thermal spas; paprika.

Religion: Roman Catholic (the majority) yet there are several forms of Christianity.

Costs: About $400
The Chain Bridge.
The Szechenyi Furdo thermal baths.
On Castle Hill.