Reasons Why It Is
Great to Travel with My
Michelle in Eger showing the
plastic wine jugs.
Back to Hungary.
July 1, 2006

After traveling with my sister, I realized what an asset it was to have her here. Obviously for the main reasons (to
see her, hang out with her, have a vacation with her, etc.). But there were also additional perks. Especially for
somebody as disorganized as myself...

  1. I will never be late for a flight. Or a train ride. She is habitually early for everything. If we are at a train
    station and the train leaves in fifteen minutes and it is only up the escalator, you can almost see the panic in
    her eyes. Then there is me who thinks that three minutes is more than enough time to jump onto the train.
  2. She will use logic to figure out which side of the airplane will get the best views. She saw a plane flying in
    Croatia and knew that we would have to be on the left-hand side of the plane to see the coast. And she was
  3. She researches destinations extensively. Not only does she research the destination...but prior to that, she
    researches which guidebook to buy. I  was the one who had been to Croatia but she was the one who knew
    the names of all of the islands and which ones to go to.
  4. She carries all confirmation codes, etc. She even gets confirmations of the confirmation codes. I barely ever
    have this stuff. I always just assume things will go according to plan.
  5. She remembers where things are. I'm a bit scattered. It's nice when my traveling companion isn't.
  6. She helps me carry things. She toted my shoes in her bag as well as some of my books, etc. She also carried
    all of the things I bought along the way that she was going to bring home with her.
  7. She’s patient about waiting for me to see sunsets. With long daylight hours right now, these can take a
  8. She brings me care packages of things I requested. Amongst these items were Luna bars, socks, ziploc
    baggies, dryer sheets (to make my clothes smell nice after handwashing them), nail polish and polish
    remover, etc.
  9. She is always down for going to dinner at a nice restaurant. This is one of the things that I have been
    missing from home (trying cool new restaurants in San Francisco) so it was nice to be able to check out
    some great 'big city' restaurants in Budapest. Plus we can always share our meals and snacks since we have
    the same taste in food.
  10. She has a sweet tooth just like I do. For some reason, we always feel compelled to look in every candy shop
    and bakery. We know that we don't drive each other crazy with this since we both enjoy doing it.