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My Botswanian Experience...

Highs: Seeing elephants, zebras and giraffes on the side of the road while driving on the main

Lows: Not being able to spend more time there. We were basically driving through en route to Vic

Best Moment: Staying at the Nata Lodge and feeling like I was somewhere nicer than the typical
campsite that we had seen prior.

Funniest Moment: When Ken got busted by the policeman's radar gun and had to pull over.
That wasn't the funny part. The funny part was watching him plead with the officer to not get a fine.

Smells: Ummm...the inside of a car?

Sounds: Kathrin's many requests for Ken to play the Anastasia CD.

Sights: Wild animals on the side of the road; a real lodge/hotel (though we just stayed at the
campgrounds on the premises).

Tastes: Wine at the bar at the Nata Lodge. was so nice to have access to a bar again.

Purchases: Nothing.

Street Food: None that I saw.

Fun Food Finds: None that I saw.

Western Companies Out Here: None that I saw.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? Botswana pula. About $4.50 equals one pula.

Things Botswana Is Known For: Okavango Delta; Chobe National Park; diamonds.

Religion: Christian.

Costs: $5
July 28-29, 2006
An ellie on the side of the road
Our ferry leaving Botswana.
Donkey cart on the side of the highway.