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Arcabucero Hostal Inn -
Great rooms in La Paz for
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My Bolivian Experience...

Highs: Llamas with ribbons in their ears; the whole experience of going from San Pedro de Atacama to
Uyuni in a 4WD; shopping in La Paz; views from Calvario in Copa; day trek on Isla del Sol.

Lows: The overnight bus ride from Uyuni to La Paz!!!; waiting for over two hours to get our dinner in
Copa; the llama fetuses sold in the markets in La Paz.

Best Moment: Salar de Uyuni.

Funniest Moment: Recreating Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' video while on the salt flats.

Smells: Sulfur from the geysers; delicious-smelling street food; burning garbage.

Sounds: Thunder and pouring rain; "Vamos" on our bus ride; horns honking; moos, baahs and oinks
while trekking in Copa; marching band in Copa.

Sights: Lakes in different colors; landscape in shades of pink; llamas; flamingos; beautiful starry skies
while squatting to pee when our bus got a flat tire; town festival in Copa complete with a game of musical
chairs; views from Calvario in Copa; Isla del Sol; 'bowler hats' on the women.

Tastes: 'Humitas' (not sure if that is what they are called here but they are similar to tamales);
salteñas; Bolivian wine (La Concepcion) which was surprisingly pretty good; coca leaves; pisco sours;
trucha (i.e. trout) at Lake Titicaca; 'tuna' fruit which is the fruit from prickly pear cacti; llama meat.

Purchases: Four scarves made from alpaca wool; two hats; gloves; two pairs of earrings; a necklace;
two ponchos (
all of this cost a total of $30!).

Street Food: Freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice; coconut milk out of coconuts; salteñas; empanadas;
tamale-like things; nuts; fruits; a funny-looking thing that looks like a combination of popcorn and
packing styrofoam yet tastes like kettle corn.

Western Companies Out Here: A Burger King in La Paz.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Despite what the Internet said about Americans needing visas as of January 1, 2007, it
was not needed as of the middle of March.

Type of currency? Bolivianos. About 8 Bolivianos equals $1US.

Things Bolivia Is Known For: Its high altitude; La Paz being the highest capital in the world;

Religion: Catholic.

March 17-24, 2007
Lovable llamas.
Donkeys on Isla del Sol.
Arriving in Bolivia!.