La Isla-Del-Sol
March 23, 2007

I am sitting at the lake right now waiting to head back to Copacabana. If it weren’t for the Bolivian flags in front of me, I would have
sworn I was just walking on an island in the Mediterranean. Seriously.

But it wasn’t the Mediterranean. It is
Bolivia. How crazy is that???

This morning when we headed out to this island, it wasn’t quite living up to its name. Clouds were looming all over. How could that
be in a place called ‘Isla del Sol’???

About an hour after arriving, things were taking a positive turn and the sun was shining. Yay! It really
is the ‘Isla del Sol’.

We were dropped off at the northern part of the island and given the day to trek to the southern part of the island. Every step of
the way I was thinking how incredible this was. And keep in mind that I am not a trekker at heart. But I was enjoying every second
of this. I previously had no idea Bolivia could be so gorgeous. The blue of the water could have been mistaken for the Mediterranean
or the Adriatic Seas. The ruins set against the water made a person feel as if they were in Greece (keep in mind that I have never
been to Greece but this is exactly how I imagine it to be). Watching the donkeys, pigs and sheep graze next to the water. Passing
the locals while they were working or selling their goods. Not one minute of this trek disappointed. The thought crossing my mind
was ‘What a perfect day this is!’

As I was walking my mind started wandering a bit (as it often does). I was thinking how funny it is that there is a group of people in
the world that has decided to cap off the ‘Wonders of the World’ at seven. Seven!?!? I just don’t get it. There are way too many
things in the world to say that there are only seven wonders. I was just reliving everything that I have seen in Bolivia and thinking
that I never knew about how amazing any of this stuff was. But then again, maybe that is a good thing? It makes it so a person can
come to places like this and be able to enjoy it without the masses.

Then I got to thinking about something else. My efforts yesterday of uphill walking on the mainland apparently helped my lungs
adapt a bit to the altitude. I was not nearly as winded today. Hey, I’ll take that.

Before long, it was time to say good-bye to the donkeys of Isla del Sol. So sad for me as I love donkeys. If I had more time, this
would have been a great place to spend the night. But I don’t have more time. So end of story.    
Back to Bolivia.
Ruins set against Lake Titicaca.
What a cute little ass!.
The muy bonita coastline.