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Alex's house in Jumeira 1

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The Lime Tree Cafe - My
absolute favorite cafe in Dubai!

THE One -
A furniture store
with a great cafe in it where I
had afternoon tea.

Madinat Theatre - Where I
saw a show called 'Encore'.

UAQ Aeroclub - Where I did
my skydiving!

Ski Dubai
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My UAE Experience...

Highs: Loving this city all over again; looking at the Burj-al-Arab from the beach; watching the
Burj-al-Arab change colors at night; driving down the trunk of the Palm Island; the color of the
Arabian Gulf; staying in Jumeira 1 - so close to the Jumeirah Mosque and the Lime Tree Cafe; being
in the developed world again; skiing in Dubai (how often can a person do this in the desert?).

Things being more expensive than I remember (hello declining dollar!); getting rear-ended in
Alex's car and learning the process you have to go through with the police department first-hand.

Best Moment:
Sitting on the beach while reflecting about my last time here while watching the
Burj-al-Arab changing colors.

Craziest Moment: Learning the formalities of getting in a car accident in Dubai. Definitely
different from home!

None to report of (this is a good thing after spending a month in India!).

The prayer call from the mosque next to Alex's house; the show of musical numbers I
went to at the Madinat Theatre.

Burj-al-Arab; the Souks at Madinat Jumeirah; Palm Island; Jumeirah Mosque; the Arabian
Gulf; the Burj Dubai; Emirates Towers; the Deira Creek; camels; ski slope at the Mall of the Emirates.

Dates stuffed with nuts; pumpkin, caramelized onions and goat cheese on flatbread (at the
Lime Tree Cafe); homemade Shepherd's pie at one of Alex's friend's house.


Street Food:
Nuts and dried fruits near the Creek area.

Fun Food Finds:
Date pie at McDonald's (sounds a bit gross but it still piques my curiosity as I
love dates).

Western Companies Out Here:
Pizza Hut; Round Table; Johnny Rockets; Hardee's; Chili's;
McDonald's; Cinnabon; Starbuck's; Coffee Bean; etc. (To be honest, there is just about EVERYTHING
out here.)

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Not for Americans.

Type of currency?
UAE Dirham. $1 US is equal to about 3.6 dirhams.

Things t
he UAE Is Known For: Focusing on tourism vs. oil; the palm islands; the world
islands; indoor skiing; the Burj-al-Arab.

Muslim (plus the religions of all of the ex-pats).

United Arab
November 21-26, 2007
Reflection of the Dubai Marina.
My Olympic form on the ski slope.
The Burj-al-Arab at night..