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Southern Tunisia: Djerba
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Sidi Bou Said
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Hotel Carlton Tunis - Good
location and nice room with a
balcony overlooking the main
street (37 dinars/night).

Hotel Mechrek in Djerba -
This hotel was okay. But good
location (28 dinars/night).

Hotel Residence
Hammamet -
Great room
and it had a pool (33

Hotel Sidi Boufares -
Absolutely wonderful
atmosphere with great central
location (45 dinars/night).

Other Sites:

Essaraya - What a great
place to break the Ramadan
fast in the Tunis medina!

Ristorante Pappargallo in
Djerba -
Good place to go if
you get an Italian craving.

Restaurant Barberousse in
Hammamet -
A nice finer
dining experience in

Au Bon Vieux Temps in
Sidi Bou Said -
atmosphere and great food
(especially the stuff squid).
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My Tunisian Experience...

Highs: Camels on beaches; being pleasantly surprised by Carthage; my nice dinner in Tunis; the
beautiful white-washed buildings; Hammamet; Sidi Bou Said (especially the sunset).

Lows: Definitely a challenge to figure things out with the language barrier in addition to this being
more of a 'package holiday' country vs. 'traveler' country; having some guy snag 20 Tunisian dinars
from me; the Synagogue on Djerba being closed both times I tried to see it.

Best Moment:  Riding a camel on the beach (duh!!!); finding a place all to myself to watch the
sunset in Sidi Bou Said.

Craziest Moment: Watching the men all light up a cigarette when the cannon goes off for the end
of the fast each night during Ramadan.

Smells: Sheesha; the sea; little flowers of jasmine being sold by men on the street.

Sounds: The prayer call and big boom to break the Ramadan fast; thunderstorm while in

Sights: Women dressed non-conservatively; The Bardo Museum in Tunis (8 dinars); ruins at
Carthage (8 dinars for a full day); Tunis medina; Mediterranean coastline; people hanging out into the
wee hours of the night while breaking the Ramadan fast; a deserted medina in Djerba on the Friday of
Ramadan; guys smoking sheesha and playing cards at night; whitewashed buildings with blue accents
nearly everywhere; Hammamet medina which was so picturesque, it almost felt unreal; cats.

Tastes: Tea with pine nuts; briq; tajine (different from the ones in Morocco - this was more like an
eggy quiche); harissa; small bites given as we sat down to dinner to break the Ramadan fast; Arabic
sweets; tons of seafood; couscous; baguettes baked with aniseed; salade mechouia (one of my new
faves); stuff squid (and it was one massive squid!); Tunisian specialty sweets.

Purchases: Silver necklace (8 dinars - what a bargain!).

Street Food: Arabic sweets; baguettes; donuts.

Things to Buy Here: Traditional caps for men; pottery; hookahs; pointy shoes; perfume oils.

Western Companies Out Here: Benetton; there is a MAC store coming soon in Tunis.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? The Tunisian dinar. One dinar is equal to about $1.30 US.

Things Tunisia Is Known For: Some of the desert scenery being the backdrop for Star Wars

Religion: Muslim (although there is also Christianity and a small Jewish community).

Costs: 760 Tunisian dinars.
September 19-27, 2007
The view of Carthage from the port.
Camels on the beach.
Some of the Berber architecture in the desert.