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Saying Good-Bye in Zurich
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My Swiss Experience...

Highs: Seeing Lorenz again; going to the Matterhorn; seeing 'the Swiss Alps'; the chocolate shop
selection; the bakery options; the cleanliness of the trains; the timeliness of the trains; fondue.

Lows: Having my flight be delayed 3 hours from Dubrovnik to Zurich; having such a short stay; saying
'good-bye' to Lorenz.

Best Moment: Seeing the Matterhorn with Lorenz.

Craziest Moment: Having the train conductor apologize for a 4-minute delay in departure that our
train was going to experience.

Smells: Cheese coming from fondue pots in the fondue restaurants we went to; chocolate coming from
the chocolate shops.

Sounds: The sound of air while being way up high in the snowy mountains.

Sights: The Matterhorn; the Swiss Alps; sheep and cows; tons of chocolate shops and bakeries.

Tastes: Fondue with mushrooms; fondue with tomatoes; different types of chocolate; apfel kuchen.

Purchases: Some chocolate and a few more items of clothing from H&M.

Street Food: Sausages; big soft pretzels.

Fun Food Finds: A McGruyere burger at McDonald's. Kind of funny.

'Western' (more like 'American') Companies Out Here: McDonald's; Subway; Starbucks.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Nope.

Type of currency? Swiss Franc. About 1 Swiss Franc equals $1.15 US.

Things Switzerland Is Known For: Chocolate (yes!); cheese; being neutral; the Alps; the
Matterhorn; watches; army knives.

Costs: $550 (largely due to Lorenz' generosity).
September 27 - October 1, 2007
Solothurn - Where Lorenz calls home.
The Swiss Alps.
The Matterhorn in Zermatt.