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My Sri Lankan Experience...
*I only spent the day here en route from the Maldives to India.

Highs: The temple I visited; a western-styled shopping center; finding a taxi driver to take me
around for the day for a very low price.

Lows: Being very limited on time here.

Best Moment: Being able to stock up on some more clothes.

Sights: Temple; elephant with massive tusks; Buddha-statues all over the city; multiple police and
military checkpoints.

Tastes: Excellent gelato.

Purchases: A skirt; tank top; earrings; purse.

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's; KFC; Pizza Hut; Lush.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Transportation: Emirates into Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Airlines out of Sri Lanka.

Type of currency? Sri Lankan rupees. One hundred rupees is equal to about $1 U.S.

Wallet Friendly? Yes. I didn't stay overnight so I don't know about hotels...but clothes were very

Language: Singhalese.

Things Sri Lanka Is Known For: Tea; beaches; current turmoil within their country.

Religion: Buddhist and Catholic.

Costs: $50
Sri Lanka...
August 27, 2006
Inside the temple.
Lots o' Buddhas.
Large tusked elephant.