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My Singaporean Experience...

Highs: Being in Singapore during the Hindu holiday of Thaipusam; enjoying the festivities of the
upcoming Chinese New Year; walking all over the city.

Lows: Actually, everything was quite pleasant.

Best Moment: Just wandering around Singapore with my sister and seeing so many different
areas that I didn't see last time.

Craziest Moment: Watching the Hindus celebrating Thaipusam and having everything from
their mouths and faces to their backs and chests with sharp pointy objects pierced through them.

Smells: Asian food from hawker stalls; Indian street food.

Sounds: Music and singing throughout the Thaipusam 'parade'; Chinese music in the temples and
in Chinatown; Chinese New Year performances.

Sights: Hindu temples in Chinatown and Little India; Thaipusam parade; Chinese New Year
decorations everywhere; Clarke Quay; MICA; Raffles hotel - Long Bar; the Merlion statue.

Tastes: Rojak; pupia, fish ball soup; Coffee Bean ice-blendeds; sushi; 'coffee buns' from BreadTalk;
Singapore Slings; rice flour noodles stuffed with scallops; Hainanese chicken rice.

Purchases: A vase; a silver leaf-shaped dish; bamboo coasters; a new computer battery.

Street Food: Any type of Asian street food imaginable; any type of Indian food imaginable;
smoothies; fruit.

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's; Burger King; Swensen's; Coffee Bean & Tea
Leaf; Starbuck's; 7-Eleven; Carl's, Jr.; Taco Bell, Pizza Hut; Long John Silver's; Mrs. Field's, Ben &

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? Singapore dollar. $1 US equals about 1.3 Singapore dollars.

Wallet Friendly? It's okay. Not cheap but definitely not pricey. You can find good food that won't
break the bank. But definitely more expensive than the rest of South-East Asia.

Things Singapore Is Known For: Cleanliness; not selling chewing gum; a person being
sentenced to death for drug activity.

Singapore Airport (Changi Airport): This wins my vote for best airport!!! Free internet on
provided computers, spa services, a gym- if needed, transit hotels, free 2-hour tours of Singapore if
on a long layover, 24-hour Coffee Bean & Tea Leafs...and so much more!

Religion: A bit of everything.

January 20-22; January 29-30;  
February 1 -2, 2008
All hail Ganesha!
The durian-like concert hall.
Colorful sculpture.