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My Singaporean Experience...

Highs: Hanging out at the 24-hour Coffee Bean at the airport while pulling my 'airport all-nighter'
between arriving from Hong Kong (at 11pm) and leaving for Cambodia (6am).

Lows: The cost of things after being in South-East Asia.

Best Moment: Wandering around the Indian and Arab quarters.

Craziest Moment: Seeing a guy sleeping in a cardboard box...inside the airport terminal -- Soooo

Smells: Food in the Arab quarter and Indian quarter.

Sounds: Christmas songs; live singers in the Long Bar; almost nothing but English being spoken.

Sights: The airport for an entire night/morning; Long Bar at the Raffles Hotel; shopping malls;
Christmas decor everywhere; food hawker centers; ex-pats.

Tastes: Vanilla Chai Tea Latte (from The Coffee Bean); a wrap from MIX (same chain as in Hong
Kong); great little snacks; steamed buns with pumpkin in the middle; sushi with salmon and mango;
Singapore Sling and Tiger Lily at the Long Bar; peppered crab; fried baby squid; soursop smoothie.

Purchases: Shoes; purse; earrings.

Street Food: Any type of Asian street food imaginable; any type of Indian food imaginable;
smoothies; fruit.

Western Companies Out Here: McDonald's; Burger King; Swensen's; Coffee Bean & Tea
Leaf; Starbuck's; 7-Eleven; Carl's, Jr.; Taco Bell, Pizza Hut; Long John Silver's; Mrs. Field's, Ben &

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? Singapore dollar. $1 US equals about 1.6 Singapore dollars.

Wallet Friendly? It's okay. Not cheap but definitely not pricey. You can find good food that won't
break the bank. But definitely more expensive than the rest of South-East Asia.

Things Singapore Is Known For: Cleanliness; not selling chewing gum; a person being
sentenced to death for drug activity.

Singapore Airport (Changi Airport): This wins my vote for best airport!!! Free internet on
provided computers, spa services, a gym- if needed, transit hotels, free 2-hour tours of Singapore if
on a long layover, 24-hour Coffee Bean & Tea Leafs...and so much more!

Religion: A bit of everything.

Costs: $180
November 29 - December 1, 2006
In the Arab quarter.
Some cool architecture.
An evening near the Riverwalk.