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Belgrade and Train Ride
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Marija's apartment

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Russian Tsar - Nice
atmosphere for a

Jevrem - Traditional
Serbian restaurant. Pretty

Hyatt Regency Spa - Hot
chocolate massage.

Que Pasa? - Restaurant in
the Aleksander Palace
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My Serbian Experience...

Highs: Meeting Marija who showed me around and who I hung out with while in Belgrade;
peacefulness of the Belgrade Fortress; how comfortable I felt.

Lows: Not having much time here since I stretched my time in Montenegro longer.

Best Moment: Definitely being able to hang out with Marija and swapping stories with her. And
then being given a 'key' that she wrote a note on. I told her I am going to keep it with me and if I ever
feel a bit down, I am going to pull it out and it will put a smile on my face.

Craziest Moment: Probably that I ended up going with a girl to stay with her at her apartment -
even though I didn't even talk to her at all on my train ride (there was someone sitting in between us
so I never really even saw her).

Smells: The 'pekaras' (i.e. bakeries); rich chocolate aromas from my massage treatment.

Sounds: Don't recall any.

Sights: The Citadel; the main squares and parks.

Tastes: Bureks; strudel; toasted sandwiches; iced gingerbread-type of cookies; goulash.

Purchases: A pair of earrings.

Street Food: Bureks; crepes; pizza; ice cream.

Fun Food Finds:

Western Companies Out Here:
McDonald's; Zara; Mango; Lush.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? Serbian Dinars. About 55 dinars is equal to $1 US (kind of sad considering
when my guidebook was written in 2006, it was equal to about 70 dinars!).

Things Serbia Is Known For: The Yugoslav War; Vlade Divac.

Religion: I am guessing Orthodox and some Muslim?

Costs: $300 + 95 Euros (for my Belgrade - Athens flight).
October 14-17, 2007
An older couple in love.
On Skardarija in the 'Bohemian Quarter'.
From the train ride to Serbia.