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Miod Malina - Absolutely
wonderful restaurant on
Grodzka Street. The pierogis
and everything else was
exceptional, as was the
atmosphere and service!

Poland Facts
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June 11-14, 2006

My Polish Experience...

Highs: Surviving life 400 feet under at the Wieliczka Salt Mines; exploring the Jewish Quarter;
sitting in the main square in Stare Miasto listening to the music.

Lows: Losing my sunglasses somewhere.

Best Moment: Listening to the music being played on the street while eating pierogis and drinking

Smells: None that I can really recall.

Sounds: Birds chirping in the park; woman playing classical music on her violin in the main square;
lack of horn honking; tolling of the church bells.

Sights: Krakow's Jewish Quarter; Wieliczka Salt Mines (approximately $20 US); Stare Miesto;
Auschwitz (free; about $8 US for a guide); nuns (really uncommon for me considering I was just in the
Middle East); Wawel Castle.

Tastes: Pierogis; cookies and pastries from excellent bakeries.

Purchases: Purse; shoes.

Street Food: Bread products; fruit.

Fun Food Finds: A Snickers spread much like Nutella but with chocolate, peanut butter and
caramel; passionfruit Tic Tacs.

Western Companies Out Here: Sephora, Pizza Hut, Diesel, etc.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? No.

Type of currency? Polish zlotych. About 3.5 equal $1 US.

Wallet Friendly? Pretty decent. Starting to become more expensive though still reasonable for
Europe. But it's definitely not 'cheap'.

Transportation: Trams and buses throughout the city. Trains are mostly used to get to other
large cities. I flew into Krakow from Stansted (London) for 21 British pounds on SkyEurope.

Things the Poland Is Known For: Pierogis; vodka.

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Costs: $200
The main square in Krakow.
The Old Cemetery at the Jewish Quarter.
The Wawel Castle.