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Our Time at the Ger Camp

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My Mongolian Experience...

Highs: Our ger camp; horseback riding; seeing two-humped camels; Gandan monastery.

Lows: A bit too much mutton in their diet.

Best Moment: Seeing a two-humped camel!

Smells: The fire coming from the middle of our ger; frankincense.

Sounds: Buddhist monks praying; music and singing from the 'Mongolian' show we went to.

Sights: Yaks; two-humped camels; exceptional landscape scenery; Gandan Monastery (2500
tugriks); National Museum (2500 tugriks, 500 tugriks for students); Mongolian show ($5).

Tastes: Mutton (whether it was in soup, a stir-fry, or steamed dumplings).

Purchases: Postcards of two-humped camels.

Street Food:  Lots of fruit.

Fun Food Finds: Do canned strawberries count?

Western Companies Out Here: Pretty sure there aren't any.

Other General Info...

Visa needed? Not for Americans. Everybody else (UK citizens, Aussies and Irish) needed one.

Type of currency? Mongolian tugrik. One U.S. Dollar equals about 1100 tugriks.

Wallet Friendly? Yes. Groceries were pretty cheap. Some of the western-style cafes were pricier
than I would have thought though.

Things Mongolia Is Known For: Genghis Khan; having a lot of mutton in their diet; Bactrian

Religion: Buddhism.

Costs: $35
September 27-October 1, 2006
A little Buddhist.
The Mongolian countryside.
A Bactrian Camel.